Coaching Session Types

Coaching Schedule

Junior Development


Coaching is paid for by membership fees and highly recommended for all CRCA members, especially those new to racing.

New CRCA Members who are Category 4 or 5 Men, or Category 4 Women must first complete a CRCA Racing Skills coaching session prior to participating in a club race.

Attendees must:

Riders who do not have these items will not be allowed to take part in the session.

If you are on the suspended list you can not participate in coaching sessions.

Unless otherwise noted, participants are expected to be riding road bikes. Aero bars are not allowed.

Due to the increasing number of users in the park, all coaching sessions are limited to 12 riders, first come first served.

General questions on coaching and rider development should be directed to the VP of Rider Development at riderdevelopment[at];



Photo credit: Tara Parsons.