UPDATED 8/15/15

The CRCA Board is very focused on delivering efficiently run and safely conducted races for our membership. Marshaling is essential to this mission and is at the core of being a member of CRCA. We recognize that CP races are not held on a closed course and that we are part of a larger community of users that takes advantage of the amazing asset that Central Park is.

That said, there are some very important things to keep in mind to ensure we have efficient and safe races:

Prior to Race:

1. Arrive at marshal sign-in one hour prior to race start.
2. Bring your signed volunteer release form which is accessible via the website: http://www.crca.net/marshaling/uscf-marshal-release-form/
3. Come with a bike, blades, or other means of mobility that allows us to place you as needed on the course.
4. Respect the Marshal Captain and do not request a special post as this really slows down the process for everyone.

During The Race:

1. Be proactive and take ownership of your assigned area. Move debris off the course etc.
2. Be firm but friendly with our fellow park users — ask riders who are not racing to move to the edge of the roadway for their safety (do not direct cyclists into the rec/jogging lane), ask runners to move into the joggers/rec lane and ask dog owners to leash dogs for their protection.
3. Do NOT leave your post until the trailing A field moto signals the end of the race to you. If you are not certain if the race is over, call the Race Director on the number provided with the instruction sheet you receive when you sign-in.

The Board thanks you for your commitment to CRCA and for making sure the club delivers a fun and safe racing environment.

Specific instructions will be sent to you in advance of your marshaling date. Your location will be assigned by the marshal captain when you sign-in at the race. You will be provided with a whistle, a vest, and safety cones at the race. General instructions are given below — please follow these rules and guidelines for the safety of all. If not followed, you may not receive credit for marshal duty and/or you may be suspended.

  • Bring your signed USAC Marshal Release Form to be handed in to marshal captain at sign-in.
  • Find location on nearest lamppost (e.g., E8303=East Drive @ 83rd Street 3rd post). Stand at outside of roadway (away from center of park) unless otherwise directed.
  • Wear vest for visibility.
  • If you are given cones, place them on double white line.
  • Do not wear headphones; do not read, do not take photos, etc., while on duty. Your complete attention is required.
  • Blow whistle several times when you hear the whistle from the marshal down the course, when you hear/see the pace vehicle and when the field is in sight -regardless of whether or not pedestrians, bladers or recreational cyclists are visible.
  • Be sure to warn everybody around you that the racers are coming. Do not let pedestrians cross the Park Drive when a field is approaching. Politely ask non-racing cyclists to move to the edge of the roadway (but not into the joggers/rec lane) while the racers go by.
  • If an accident occurs, see if medical help is needed/requested. If so, ask rider from the field or non-participant to call ambulance and you must inform the Race Director immediately at 718-309-9877. Do not administer first aid unless you are a health care professional.
  • Do not leave your post unless absolutely necessary. If a rider is down and an ambulance is on the course it is your responsibility to neutralize the field by alerting the Moto Driver and approaching field. You may need to aggressively wave down and neutralize an approaching field. Don’t be hesitant or reserved, a rider or ambulance workers’safety may depend on it.
  • After you are sure that the last field (or rider in the individual time trial or team in the team time trial) has gone by, return to marshal captain for check-out after race. Be sure to return cones and other marshal equipment.
  • If you have a substitute fulfill your marshal duties, remember it is your responsibility as a club member to ensure your substitute fully understands and abides by these instructions or you may not receive credit for marshal duty.