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The Century Road Club Association (CRCA) is a bicycle racing club founded in 1898. We have a wide range of racing experience among our riders and offer the beginning cyclist many opportunities to improve his or her skills. The ages of active racers in our club range from 15 to 75. We welcome both sexes.

Note: Membership applications and renewals are not processed on the day of a race — you must sign up in advance.

Benefits of Membership

  • Club Races – We hold club races many Saturday mornings in Central Park March through November. Our races are divided into A, B and C fields. The most experienced and fastest riders race in the A field. In the C field are the slower and least experienced. Entry fee for each club race is $15.  Buying a dinosaur pass (see below) will save you money and time at registration. We often have a separate women’ field.
  • Coaching – To all riders with a USA Cycling (USAC) license, we offer free coaching from April through September. In addition, CRCA occasionally organizes meetings with guest speakers about training and preparation for bike racing.
  • Social Rides – The club occasionally organizes group rides for its members.  These are non-competitive rides.

Membership Categories

There are two basic categories of membership: Racing and Associate. For legal and insurance reasons, Racing members (and those Associates who wish to take part in coaching) must also be members of  USA Cycling.  Racing members may race in club events, participate in coaching sessions and must marshal at races up to three times a year. Associates have no marshal duties but cannot participate in club races. All other club privileges extend to both categories.

There are two levels within the Racing category, Regular and Donor. For a premium fee, donors will have all club race entry fees prepaid, will have their marshaling obligations taken care of by the club, get to choose their race number (subject to availability if they join before 2/15) and receive free entry to the end of season party.  A tax deductible contribution of $200 will also be made to the CRC Development Foundation .  Regular racing members pay also elect to prepay club race entry fees by becoming a ‘dinosaur’ member.

Details on which club race field Racing members may race in are given in the club Race Protocol.

If you are interested in joining CRCA as a racing member, you will need to apply for a road racing license from USA Cycling ( If you are already a USAC member and affiliated with another club, you must get your affiliation changed to Century Road Club Association To make this change, access “My USA Cycling” at , select “License Info” and request a ‘reissue’ of your license.  At that time you can select Century Road Club Association as your Road Club. For legal and insurance reasons, Racing members, and Associate members who wish to participate in coaching sessions, must also be members of the USA Cycling.

All new Men’s Category 5 and Women’s Category 5 racers must participate in a Skills Clinic; these are offered periodically. Check the Calendar for dates.

Membership Prices

Membership Type Fee
Racing member $55 pre 2/15, $70 after 2/14 & $40 post 7/31
Associate member $40
Student member $25
Dinosaur (pre-paid for all club races) $100
Donor membership $600

Marshaling and Safety

CRCA has been working with New York City Parks Department to promote safety. Safety is a big concern and the club has established an aggressive race marshal program.  You will be asked to select your marshal dates in the system when you join. You must select your marshal dates before you will be eligible to race.

Marshaling at a club race means being assigned to a spot in Central Park and making other users of the park aware of the bicycle races in progress (detailed instructions will be provided at the race). These are the steps you must take to marshal (whether assigned or as a new member):

  • Make sure there’s a race – check the schedule on this website after 4pm on Friday.
  • Sign in with the marshal captain 45 minutes prior to the start of a CRCA race. Race dates are listed in the club newsletter and on this website. The marshal captain stands near the race registration tables. Registration is in the Rambles Parking lot at about 79th Street on the East Drive.
  • Make sure the marshal captain identifies you as “new”, i.e. “new” member.

Code of Conduct

In addition to marshaling, each member is asked to agree to a Member Code of Conduct.

USA Cycling Licence Requirements

If your current USA Cycling license states something other than “Century Road Club Association” after Team/Club name, for example, if it says “Unattached” or has your old club name there, you must get it changed to Century Road Club Association. To make this change, access “My USA Cycling” at , select “License Info” and request a ‘reissue’ of your license.  At that time you can select Century Road Club Association as your Road Club.

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