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Rider Stipend Program

On January 3rd, 2012 the Board approved the creation of a rider stipend program.  The draft program below was provided to the Board, but is subject to final approval by the Board.

CRCA Rider Stipend Program

One important CRCA goal is to introduce and foster new member race development by offering coaching and club racing.  This environment has been shown to facilitate fitness improvement and race tactics at a level appropriate for newer racers. It is hoped these introductory and educational opportunities will allow newer racers to participate competitively against a broader range of competitors in CRCA and NYC area Open races.

Our Junior Development Program provides significant support to racers with a racing age 18 or below.

To assist other club members not included in the above programs, the Rider Stipend Program (“Program”) has been established.   The purpose of the program is to provide partial funding for members to race at non-CRCA events that will aid the rider’s development.   The program will focus on under-served classes of racing and members who need financial assistance to compete at the highest levels of racing.

Program Outline

The Program will be funded out of the general funds of CRCA based on the Board’s discretion.  The program will consist of the following categories which are discussed further below:

  • Women’s racing (guideline of 40% of annual budget)
  • U23 members (guideline of 20% of annual budget)
  • National Championship, State Championship & “Elite” level races (guideline of 40% of annual budget)

Eligibility for Grants under the Program

  1. Eligibility for a grant to any CRCA member is at the discretion of the Board of CRCA or a sub-committee authorized by the Board to approve or deny any grants under the Program.  Meeting the eligibility criteria outlined in this document does not guarantee any member a grant under the Program.  Members who do not meet the guideline criteria may nonetheless be approved for a Grant if the Board (or Board sub-committee) believes the Member’s application should be approved based additional factors such as equity, fairness or the intention of the Program.
  2. Guideline Criteria

2.1.    Applicant must be a racing member (or equivalent) in good standing of Century Road Club Association (“CRCA”)

2.2.    Applicant must demonstrate participation in the race for which funding under the Program is requested will add to the rider’s development or experience not otherwise available at a local event

2.3.    The race for which funding is being requested under the Program must be a USA Cycling or UCI sanctioned race and be of one of the following classes of races:

2.3.1. Road race

2.3.2. Circuit race

2.3.3. Criterium

2.3.4. Stage Race or Omnium

2.3.5. Cyclocross race

2.3.6. Time trial

2.3.7. Track race

2.4.    The annual maximum grant per member is $500.  Where joint applications are received, the total amount granted will be divided equally against each member applying for the grant.

2.5.    The Program will not reimburse an applicant for costs incurred in relation to a race the applicant did not start

2.6.    Except in special circumstances, the applicant must participate in the race as a member of CRCA team or a CRCA sub-team.  The member’s registered team and uniform worn during the race shall be that or CRCA or a current CRCA sub-team.  Exceptional circumstances may include situations where a rider is invited to participate as a guest rider on another team without financial support from that team.

2.7.    Additional consideration will be given to the applicant’s involvement with club activities beyond that required of all members

2.8.    Applicants shall apply under one of the following  categories:

2.8.1. Women’s Racing.  Grants under this category will be provided to category 1 and 2 women.  The aim of these grants is to provide funds to assist such riders in attending high quality races with an expected competitive field at their level.  Information about the race and how this race will add to the applicant’s development will be included in the application.

2.8.2. U23. Grants under this category will be provided to any U23 member in order to attend a race with a separate U23 field.   Information about the race and how this race will add to the applicant’s development will be included in the application.

2.8.3. National Championship, State Championship & “Elite” level races. Grants under this category will provided to members to attend a National Championship, state Championship or other “Elite Level” races to enable the member to compete at high profile/high level events.  It is not expected that grants will be provided to riders who are members of sub-teams that regularly compete at events at this level.  Applicants will be asked to demonstrate a need for financial support.

2.9.    The Board will aim to distribute funds fairly under the Program and to that end will favor grants to new recipients over members who previously were provided with a grant, provided the member meets the guideline criteria.

Eligible Costs

3. Eligible costs are limited to costs actually incurred directly relating to the race for which support is requested and are expected to fall into the following categories.  In all cases, the expenses should be reasonable in the circumstances (i.e. class of travel, room rate etc.)

3.1.    Race entry fees

3.2.    Mileage (calculated at $0.50 per mile for vehicles not rented by the applicant, $0.15 per mile for vehicles rented from a commercial third party vehicle rental company by the applicant)

3.3.    Travel expenses (including applicable insurance, taxes and surcharges, if any)  This includes costs of a rental vehicle from a commercial third party, train, bus or airline travel)

3.4.    Accommodation expenses (including applicable taxes) where necessary

4. The following costs will not be reimbursed

4.1.       Meals or alcohol

4.2.       Any costs for races in which the entrant did not start the event

4.3.       Cost of licenses (USAC,UCI or other)

4.4.       ‘Equivalent cost’ for accommodation with a non-commercial provider of accommodation or travel

4.5.       Equipment or clothing of any type

4.6.       Travel expenses for friends or relatives (except for mileage, or vehicle rental, where relatives or friends may ride in the same car without adjustment to the reimbursed amount)

4.7.       Medical or related expenses

4.8.       Tips

4.9.       Any expenses that in the Board’s opinion are either unreasonable in amount or type, were not contemplated at the time the grant was approved

Maximum Costs

5. Approved costs actually incurred will be reimbursed subject to the following:

5.1.    Costs will be reimbursed at the reimbursement % approved in advance by the Board which will generally not exceed 50% (see joint application below)

5.2.    Grants to any individual member are limited to $500 per calendar year


6. Joint applications by members (whereby certain costs, such as accommodation and travel may be shared amongst all applicants) are eligible to be reimbursed at a higher level (up to 90%) for such shared costs

7. The Board may request that applications by multiple applicants to attend the same race be combined into a single joint request to encourage club members to share costs to minimize the total Program cost

8. Where the number of approved applicants for the same race makes the rental of a van or similar for the transportation of applicants to the race the most economical, the Board may require that this be the approved transportation method for the applicants jointly

Grant Process and Funding

9. Grant requests and subsequent funding requests shall be processed as follows:

9.1.    Grants must be submitted not less than one week prior to the race by emailing an application to president[at]  Earlier requests are strongly encouraged and will be viewed more favorably.  Last minute requests and requests after the event will not be considered.

9.2.    Grants must be submitted using the “CRCA Rider Stipend Request Form” and completed in full.

9.3.    Detail should be provided for the estimated grant amount in the request, however the actual amount subsequently funded will be based on actual costs incurred, subject to maximums and % allocation as approved in advance.

9.4.    A subcommittee of the Board of CRCA comprising of at least three board members shall evaluate each application and approve applications.  Applications may be provided to the full Board for consideration.

9.5.    Following the event, the applicant(s) shall provide the board with their race result(s) and a written summary of the race and how the experience contributed to the rider’s development.  This must be submitted along with copies of receipts supporting actual amounts incurred in order to obtain the reimbursement. This will be used by the Board to report to the membership to promote the rider’s progress and/or success and highlighting the Program.

9.6.    The Board will be provided with regular updates on the funding approved to members and the amounts involved

Download the application form CRCA Stipend Request Form