• Veselka (map)
  • 144 2nd Avenue
  • New York, NY, 10003
  • United States

This year, we have have a new number pick-up policy. Below are 3 ways for you to obtain yours before your first race:

Stop by the Veselka Pickup Party

  • 2 dates to choose from. Monday and Tuesday, February 13th and 14th
  • FREE BEER for the first 50 racers to show up on Monday and the first 20 on Tuesday
  • NOTE: You must show proof of an active USAC license

Team bulk pickup at the Veselka events

  • Team managers can pick up numbers for their team at either event, but must pick up numbers for everyone. Managers are then responsible for distributing to their team members
  • NOTE: Managers must email membership@crca.net by 2/9 to request bulk pickup

Individual number pick up at NYC Velo

  • Beginning February 16th and continuing throughout the season at the East Village location
  • Racers must show proof of active USAC license
  • Individuals cannot pick up any numbers other than their own
  • NOTE: any newly registered members must wait a week before they can pick up their numbers from NYC Velo to ensure the rosters have been updated

If you are unable to pick up your number through one of the above options, please email our Membership Director, Madeleine at membership@crca.net