racing with the crca


CRCA present a robust racing calendar throughout the year, comprised of both Club and Open races. Club races are restricted to CRCA members, and take place within Central Park. There are opportunities for all categories to race within their fields, and results count towards the Jim Boyd and Team Cups.

Non-members can also race in CRCA Open races, which are USAC sanctioned events. Open races attract competition from all over the US, and frequently offer the opportunity to race multiple times per day in iconic NYC locations.

2017 Racing Members, Please Note:

  • It is vitally important that riders do not ride backwards on Park Drives and do not ride on walking paths before, during, or after races. Infractions are subject to automatic disqualification and suspension from the club.
  • 2017 registration and marshal check in will be at The Loeb Boathouse parking lot @ 72nd St and the East Drive, until the Rambles construction has been completed.
  • 2017 CLUB RACES require two numbers.  Please use both number issued, one on right and the other on back center.  
  • 2017 OPEN RACE numbers will be issued day of + we will provide instruction on placement.

Club Race Rosters


Look for the Club Race Rosters to be posted here and in NEWS 2-3 days before the each Club race. If you are planning to race, please check the roster for your field:

  • Yellow = cannot race (skills session needed or member in bad standing) 
  • Purple = USAC series release not submitted 

A reminder that all USAC Releases collected at Club Races will count as USAC Event Releases.  If you would like to submit a USAC Series Release, please see INSTRUCTIONS and email to

Problems or questions contact :


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