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Racing & Coaching

Racing & Coaching


racing with the crca


CRCA present a robust racing calendar throughout the year, comprised of both Club and Open races. Club races are restricted to CRCA members, and take place within Central Park. There are opportunities for all categories to race within their fields, and results count towards the Jim Boyd and Team Cups.

Non-members can also race in CRCA Open races, which are USAC sanctioned events. Open races attract competition from all over the US, and frequently offer the opportunity to race multiple times per day in iconic NYC locations.

2017 Racing Members, Please Note:

  • It is vitally important that riders do not ride backwards on Park Drives and do not ride on walking paths before, during, or after races. Infractions are subject to automatic disqualification and suspension from the club.
  • 2017 registration and marshal check in will be at The Loeb Boathouse parking lot @ 72nd St and the East Drive, until the Rambles construction has been completed.

Club Race Rosters


Look for the Club Race Rosters to be posted here and in NEWS 2-3 days before the each Club race. If you are planning to race, please check the roster for your field:

  • Yellow = cannot race (skills session needed or member in bad standing) 
  • Purple = USAC series release not submitted 

A reminder that all USAC Releases collected at Club Races will count as USAC Event Releases.  If you would like to submit a USAC Series Release, please see INSTRUCTIONS and email to waivers@crca.net

Problems or questions contact : membership@crca.net


Racing Calendar







crca coaching

CRCA offers a comprehensive coaching calendar, with all sessions free to members. The emphasis of the club is development — preparing riders to be safe, effective racers throughout their racing careers. 

Coaching sessions led by experienced and USAC-licensed coaches take place several times a month, and are designed to both introduce new skills to beginner racers, and to enhance technique and skills for all. Sessions are designed with reference to the progression of the racing season and include: New Members Skills; Sprinting; Attacks and Breakaway Efforts; Criterium and Cornering Skills; Time Trialing; Climbing; and Cyclocross.

Members, coaching session dates and information are published in the Racing & Coaching Calendar. Coaching sessions for each month will be put up 2 weeks ahead. Members must bring a signed USAC Release Form to all coaching sessions.


Coaching Calendar


Coach Tara keeping an eye on a CRCA racer. Jessie (coach's pooch) is covering the action elsewhere.

Coach Tara keeping an eye on a CRCA racer. Jessie (coach's pooch) is covering the action elsewhere.

TARA PARSONS began racing in 1995, and competed for 10 years regionally and nationally at the elite level. She raced with TEAm Lipton, Aquafina and RLX Polo Sport, and was a solid all around rider in the Pro-1-2 field. Her wins and placings include New York State Road and Criterium Championships, Bear Mountain and New England Road Race Championships at Quabbin. She most enjoyed big stage races such as Redlands, Sea Otter Classic and Tour de ‘Toona.

In 2008 Tara started coaching individual cyclists and teams and has been coaching with the CRCA since 2012. She continues as the team cycling coach for a variety of racing and multi-sport teams, as well as working with Rapha to develop women in the sport. Tara’s coaching approach includes skill-building as a foundation for performance. She also believes that having fun on the bike is key at any level. 

Coach Miller closing in on the finish of the 2012 UCI World Masters’ Championship TT.

Coach Miller closing in on the finish of the 2012 UCI World Masters’ Championship TT.

ANN MARIE MILLER is a Cat 1 racer and all around rider and raced for the Verizon Wireless Women’s Cycling team. She is a four-time UCI World Masters’ Road Cycling Champion and 11-time US National Masters’ Road Cycling Champion. She won multiple CRCA Road Race and Time Trial Championships, as well as two Jim Boyd Awards, and credits CRCA as the organization that most helped her develop as a racer.

Ann Marie has USAC Level 2 Licensed Coach certification, a Masters of Applied Physiology from Columbia University, and multiple fitness industry and trade accreditations. She currently runs EPIC Training and Fitness, and heads up Physiological Testing, Bike Fit and CompuTrainer workouts at The Performance Center at Chelsea Piers, a USAT approved regional training center.

A CRCA coach for over 10 years, Ann Marie brings CRCA members of all levels the benefits of her experience. She believes in periodized training based on the rider's goals, emphasizing cycle-specific strength training, good technique and bike handling. 


KARL RAHN is currently the Director of the Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team. Since moving to NYC from Philadelphia, he has raced at the elite level with Team Bicycle Therapy, Sakonnet Technology, Empire Cycling, AXA Equitable, and now Weather Channel Specialized. Karl excels at field positioning, sprinting and team tactics. Cycling quickly became a passion for Karl after riding in the Philadelphia version of Tuesday night worlds, The Drives Ride, where he first came to see riding at close to 60 kph, at the absolute limit of his abilities, as a thing of beauty. He has been hooked ever since.

Over his many years of experience as a runner, rower and triathlete, Karl built a deep well of knowledge around strength training, endurance and suffering. He brings passion and knowledge to his coaching and after a session with Karl, don’t be surprised if you too become hooked ever since.

Coach Karl rounds the uphill right turn at the CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium. Photo/Kevin Hatt

Coach Karl rounds the uphill right turn at the CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium. Photo/Kevin Hatt


NICO MOSER has been a Category 2 racer for 30 years, starting as a junior. He was a top local racer and qualified for the trials for selection to the Junior World Championships team. He was always an all-round racer with a preference for small group sprints and was especially good at points races.
Nico's first coaching experience was in the late 1980's. He has increased his involvement in the last two years, from holding sprinting clinics to accompanying CRCA juniors at stage races and training, as well as providing on-bike feedback during race clinics.
His coaching focus is the mental aspects of bike racing - from broad motivation to the intricacies of sprinting tactics and how to process them in real-time.



Women's Development Series

women's development series

Women's Development Series

women's development series

CRCA two seconds ahead Women's Development Series p/b specialized

  • Women's Specific Coaching
  • Pre-Race Hosted Openers
  • Series Participation Incentives
  • Mentorship

  • USAC Sanctioned Races
  • Race Clinics
  • Post-Race Debriefs
  • Product Demos

The 2017 season welcomes both Two Seconds Ahead and Specialized as sponsors for this unique opportunity for category 3, 4 & 5 women. The series, now in its fifth year, is open to both CRCA members and non-members. Race participation levels have increased every year and with the support of Two Seconds Ahead and Specialized, this season we have expanded our focus beyond providing race opportunities for women by offering free coaching, on and off-the bike social events, pre- and post-race rides, and mentorship from experienced racers. We’re catering to both new racers, and those with race experience progressing to the next level.

Series Leader Competition

The series leader competition for Cat 4 and Cat 3 Women in the Development Series will commence with Grants Tomb, and continue throughout the entire season. The Cat 4 and Cat 3 racers with the highest number of points throughout the series will wear the respective series leader jersey for each race, with the racer who has earned the highest cumulative number of points at the end of the season being named the overall series winner. Series Leader points are recorded by the Women's Development Team.

Category 4 Leader Board

1st: Ulrike Glaser

2nd: Taylor Kuyk-White

3rd: Michelle Rorke

Category 3 Leader Board

1st: Sarah Shipley

2nd: Sasha Lansky

3rd: Taryn Mudge


Cat 4 and Cat 3 Series Leader Jerseys. Provided by Specialized.

Cat 4 and Cat 3 Series Leader Jerseys. Provided by Specialized.


Participation Points Competition

Racers earn one participation point per CRCA Development Series-specific race, Open Race, Event, or Coaching session they attend. Each Participation point = one entry in the end of season raffle for participation prize, to be drawn at the series end celebration in September.

Participation points are recorded by the Women's Development Team and published here. Racers can also request standings by emailing womensdevelopment@crca.net

The more you participate – the better your chances of winning!

Women’s Development Series Dates For Your Calendar

Look out for announcements of more events and the coaching schedule. We’ll also let you know when registration opens for races.

  • April 8th - Women's Only Race Clinic (Cat 4/5*)
  • April 22nd - Women's Development Series Park Race ( Cat 4/5*)
  • May 7th - Orchard Beach Crit (various fields for Cat 3, 4 & 5*)
  • May 13th - Bear Mountain Classic (various fields for Cat 3, 4 & 5*)
  • May 20th - Women's Development Series Park Race (Cat 3/4/5*)
  • June 3rd - Dave Jordan Central Park Classic (Women's Cat 4/5* Dev Series Field included)
  • June 18th - Women's and Men's Race Clinics (Cat 4/5*)
  • June 24th - Lou Maltese Classic (Women's Open (Cat 1-5 Field included**)
  • July 1st - Women's Development Series Park Race (Cat 3/4/5*) 
  • July 23rd - Mengoni Grand Prix (Women's Open (Cat 1-5 Field included**)
  • July 30th - Tour de Fort Lee Criterium (various fields for Cat 3, 4 & 5*)
  • August 12th -  Women's Development Series Park Race (Cat 4/5*)
  • August 26th -  Women's Development Series Park Race (Cat 4/5*)
  • September 2nd - Women's Development Series Park Race (Cat 3/4/5*)

Looking forward to seeing you this season! Any questions, contact womensdevelopment@crca.net

*Women’s Category 5 to be confirmed pending USAC proposed policy change.
**Maltese and Mengoni entries will count for series participation, but not overall Cat 3 and Cat 4 Development Series Standings, due to open field.


Race Clinics

Men's & Women's Race Clinics

Race Clinics

Men's & Women's Race Clinics


CRCA Race Clinics

Each year, as part of CRCA’s coaching and development program, the club hosts Men’s and Women’s Race Clinics. The clinics are designed to introduce riders to the club, and bicycle racing. Many elite racers have been introduced to the sport through CRCA’s race clinics, including current UCI Hour Record holder and Olympian, Evelyn Stevens.

The clinic format is a simulated race in Central Park. Experienced racers will ride with the field, providing assistance and advice. CRCA Coaches will be on hand to provide instruction before, during, and after the clinic. Men and women race in separate fields.

An information session will be offered prior to the clinic. CRCA members will be present to discuss how they got into racing, as well as answer questions about the clinic, CRCA, or racing in general. The clinic is a great opportunity to meet fellow new racers, and try racing for the first time. 

2017 Race Clinic Dates For Your Calendar

April 8 - Women's Only Race Clinic

June 18 - Men's and Women's Race Clinics

... I had a friend who encouraged me to do the CRCA women’s clinic.... CRCA (Century Road Club Association) is an awesome organization. That was June 2008. That was my first race.
— Evie Stevens (Velonews.com)