As with all CRCA open races, registration must be completed in advance via Bikereg. ABSOLUTELY NO DAY OF REGISTRATION. Note that there is a $15 discount when racing more than one field (most categories are eligible for at least two races, several categories can race three times. 

Event Sponsors

The CRCA Grant’s Tomb Criterium is made possible in part by the generous support of the following sponsors. Please help us support those companies that sponsor local cycling.

Race Schedule

We will be running a total of 10 fields during the 2014 edition of the CRCA Grant’s Tomb. This involves a very tight schedule, so please listen for announcements and report to staging early. Staging will begin 10 minutes prior to race start – races will start immediately following the finish of the prior field. Listen for announcements so you do not miss your scheduled start!

  • Men 4 – 8:00AM, 40 minutes
  • Women 3/4 – 8:45AM, 35 minutes
  • Men 3/4 – 9:25AM, 50 minutes
  • Masters 40+/50+ (Cat 1-4) – 10:20AM, 30 minutes
  • Men 2/3 – 10:55AM, 60 minutes
  • Women 4 – 12:00PM, 30 minutes
  • Men 5 – 12:35PM, 30 minutes
  • Juniors 9-18 – 1:05PM, 30 minutes
  • Elite Women (P/1/2/3) – 1:40PM, 60 minutes
  • Elite Men (P/1/2/3) – 2:45PM, 75 minutes

Event Map

The 2014 CRCA Grant’s Tomb event map is included below. Important notes on the course setup:

  • While riding to and from the race, please OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. Follow all traffic lights and DO NOT RIDE ON SIDEWALKS. Treat pedestrians with respect.
  • Due to Riverside Church requirements, races from noon-1:30 (W4, M5, Juniors) will be run on a short course. During this time W120th St, Claremont and W122nd St will be OPEN TO TRAFFIC. During this time use caution on these streets and obey all traffic laws.
  • All riders and spectators are asked to please CROSS THE COURSE AT WEST 120th AND RIVERSIDE. Extra marshals will be staffed at this location to assist with course crossings.
  • Registration will be held on Riverside Drive just north of West 120th Street (new location for 2014). Results will also be posted at this location.
  • Staging will be just north of registration – please note that fields will begin staging at least 10 minutes prior to the race start. Fields will start IMMEDIATELY following the finish of the prior field. Please listen for announcements, be in staging early and don’t miss your start!
  • SRAM neutral support will be in the same location as last year – on the west side of northbound Riverside Drive at West 120th Street.
  • While waiting for registration / staging please stay off the sidewalk in front of the church.

Grants Tomb Map


Rider Instructions

  • Follow @CRCA on Twitter for race and schedule updates throughout the day.
  • When riding to the course please follow all traffic laws and please cross the course at the recommended crossing highlighted above (turn 1).
  • Please do not litter and please be respectful of the community around the race venue – without their support we would not be able to host the race.
  • Fields will be staged 10 minutes prior to the finish of the preceding race (see map above). You must be in staging when the prior race finishes to receive racer instructions. Announcements will be made 15, 10 and 5 minutes prior to race start.
  • Officials will time the opening laps and provide a lap count based on those lap times.  The lap counter will be at the finish line.
  • Results will be posted in the registration area with podium presentations taking place approximately 30 minutes after the race finish.

This event supported by a grant from the New York State Bicycle Racing Association (NYSBRA)