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Club Champions


Each year the CRCA Jim Boyd Award is presented to the most outstanding male and female cyclists in the CRCA based on their performance throughout the year at CRCA races.

Year Men Women
2013 Zachary Koop BrittLee Bowman
2012 Evan Murphy Raquel Miller
2011 Ariel Mendez Kristin Lotito
2010 Dan Zmolik Ann Marie Miller
2009 Lisban Quintero Ann Marie Miller
2008 Alex Bremer Margaret Shirley
2007 Jeff King Sarah Sauvayre
2006 Ken Harris Sarah Sauvayre
2004 Alex Gulla Hannah Long

CRCA Road Race Champions

Each year the winner of the winner of the CRCA Club Championship is crowned the CRCA Road Race Champion. Starting in 2012 a separate Masters Championship was also held in Central Park as part of the CRCA Masters Throwdown Open Race, including Masters 40+, 50+ and 60+ Club Champions.


Year Men Women
2013 Gerardo Martinez Carol-Lynn Mills
2012 Euris Vidal Kristin Lotito
2011 Euris Vidal Fabienne Gerard
2010 Gavi Epstein Sarah Sauvayre
2009 Joshua Alexander Ann Marie Miller
2008 Lisban Quintero Sarah Sauvayre
2007 Kevin Molloy Sarah Sauvayre
2006 Euri Madera Sarah Sauvayre
2005 Tom Auth Hannah Long
2004 Anthony Alessio Hannah Long/Sarah Sauvayre
2003 Kevin Molloy Catherine Powers
2002 Rob Lattanzi Frances Harrison
2001 Kevin Molloy Catherine Powers
2000 Kevin Molloy Catherine Powers
1999 Eugene Boronow Ann Marie Miller
1998 Kevin Monahan Ashley McCullough
Year Masters 40+ Masters 50+ Masters 60+
2012 David Taylor Rob Weitzner Bill Andersen
2011 John Loehner Gerado Martinez Bill Andersen
2010 Karl Rahn Anthony Taylor  
2009 David Taylor Doug O’Neill  
2008 Gerry Martinez Doug O’Neill  
2007 Gerry Martinez David Chomowicz  
2006 David Taylor Jeff Vogel  
2005 David Taylor Scot Philips  
2004 Tony Settel Rob Gray  
2003 Ronald Ocampo Rob Gray  
2002 Ronaldo Ocampo Rob Gray  
2001 Chris Griffin Jack Anegevine  
2000 Rob Gray Jack Anegevine  


Up until 2004 the CRCA ITT Championship was held in Central Park and in 2005 the ITT Championship was cancelled. The race returned with a new Floyd Bennett Field location in 2006 and 2007 before moving to Long Meadow in Tuxedo, NY for 2008-2010. In 2011 the CRCA ITT Championship once again returned to FBF.

Year Course Men Women
2012 FBF Michael Boardman Raquel Miller
2011 FBF Jeffrey Ingraham Anne Marie Miller
2010 LM Michael Beckerman Meghan Newcomer
2009 LM Lisban Quintero Ann Marie Miller
2008 LM Lisban Quintero Ann Marie Miller
2007 FBF Dan Zmolik Jamie Nicholson
2006 FBF Mike Sherry Jamie Nicholson
2005 (not held) (not held)
2004 CP Craig Upton Ellen Moses
2003 CP Craig Upton Julie Upton
2002 CP Craig Upton Catherine Powers
2001 CP Craig Upton Ann Marie Miller
2000 CP Charlie Issendorf Jamie Nicholson
1999 CP Dario Sedano Jamie Nicholson
1998 CP Charlie Issendorf Caryl Gale


Year Course Masters 40+ Masters 50+
2012 FBF Ken Harris David Carr
2011 FBF Jeff Cline Scot Willingham
2010 LM Christoffel Prinsloo Scot Willingham
2009 LM Ken Harris Bob Guatelli
2008 LM Ken Harris Rob Stern
2007 FBF Ted Neu David Wagener
2006 FBF Jon Orcutt David Wagener
2005 (not held) (not held)
2004 CP Tiger Williams Earl Osborne
2003 CP George Suter Scott Philips
2002 CP Chris Ryan Rob Gray
2001 CP David Wagener Earl Osborne
2000 CP Lance Leener Earl Osborne
1999 CP Tom Kempner Bob Clifford
1998 CP Bob Clifford