Welcome to the 2008 Bear Mountain Spring Classic Road Race.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rider manual. Today?s race will see as many as 600 athletes on the road. To conduct a safe and orderly event, we must cooperate with the rules and regulations governing Harriman State Park and USCF cycling events. We wish everyone a safe and exciting race.

Rider Rules

We will vigilantly enforce all USCF Riding Conduct rules as written in section 3B of your rulebook. Riders must abide by the Center-line Rule, 3B1.

3B1. Center Line. If a course is not closed to traffic, all competitors must keep to the right of the center line or enforcement line, but may pass on either side of another rider [warning for accidental crossing of the center line with no advance in position; relegation or disqualification for advancing position; 10 day suspension for a flagrantly dangerous attack].
3B4. The responsibility of keeping on the prescribed course rests with the rider. A rider may not leave the prescribed course unless ordered to do so by public authorities or a race official [disqualification].

There is zero tolerance for riders who violate the center-line rule. Disqualifications and suspensions are mandatory. Additionally, violators risk a court summons for breaking traffic rules. Riders who interfere with oncoming cars are risking the lives of themselves, the other racers, and the vehicle?s occupants. Dropped riders and small groups must stay far to the right and allow cars to pass. Parking is permitted only inside parking fields. Any cars that are left on the approach to Lake Welch, or near the finish area will be ticketed, and the rider or team associated with the vehicle risks disqualification. There is no urinating or defecating except inside the provided toilet facilities. Facilities exist at all beaches and campgrounds within the park, and are located throughout the park. This regulation will be strictly enforced. Riders in violation risk a court summons. Dogs and other pets are not permitted inside Harriman State Park.

Staging, Wheel Support & Feeding


The following USCF rules apply to feeding in a road race.

3B9. Feeding. The passing of food or refreshments to competitors shall be at the discretion of the Chief Referee. Riders may not discard materials that are not biodegradable; they may pass or throw such material to support personnel in
places far from any bystanders [relegation or disqualification for littering or unauthorized feeding].
3C5. Feeding.
(a) The first feed zone will normally be between 30 and 50 km from the start, depending on the nature of the course and the weather, and feeding shall be authorized thereafter except for the last 30 km.
(c) Any riders accepting food or drink from spectators provided that this is not an organized service shall do so at their own risk. The pilfering of supplies from another rider shall be severely punished [disqualification].

For the Bear Mountain Road Race, feeding will be allowed beginning the 2nd lap and continue through but not including the last lap. Riders must take all their feeds from a stationary person ? there is no handing of feeds while running alongside riders. Only cloth musette bags may be used. No plastic grocery bags are permitted. Riders and trainers are responsible for cleaning feed zone. Those who litter will be prosecuted. This rule applies to castoffs from the bike, including wrappers and water bottles.


All races stage in the first two lanes of parking spots by the entrance to Lake Welch. It is very important to keep the perimeter road around the parking lot at all times. Races will stage fifteen minutes before their scheduled start.

Wheel Support

Pro Men and fields to be announced on Wednesday May 7 will be serviced with SRAM neutral wheel support. Wheel support may be provided to other fields, though details have yet to be finalized. When making a wheel change, riders must pull completely to the right and stop off the roadway. For a rear wheel, raise your right hand. For a front wheel, raise your left hand.

Overtaking Fields

If another field overtakes yours, you must pull to the right and grant the passing riders free passage. Do not mix fields. This may require slowing to allow others sufficient passing room. Riders must not risk forcing an overtaking field over the centerline. If it seems that riders will not yield the roadway, race officials will stop them and allow the overtaking field to pass. You may not pass another field as if it appears their finish will be disrupted. The overtaking field must wait for official permission to pass. When overtaking another field, pass quickly. Your pace driver will determine when it is safe to pass. Under no circumstances may riders pass their pace vehicle. Do not take pace off other fields.

Race Numbers

Every racer has been given 2 race numbers. One number is to go on the left hip pocket so it may be seen by someone behind you. The other number is to go on the right side of your body so it may be seen by the finish line equipment and the officials on the line. Failure to properly place either or both numbers can subject you to not getting a finish placing after your race is complete. Also, crumpling your number makes it harder for the camera to read the digits when you cross the line (remember this is a downhill finish folks!). Remember the motto, ‘If the officials can?t read your number, you don?t place!’


The junior race is part of USA Cycling’s LAJORS series. All juniors regardless of field must go through rollout. USA Cycling rules for junior gears apply.

Race Route

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.com

Mile Km Intersections
0.0 0.0 Start/Finish, Lake Welch Entrance, Lake Welch Parkway (East)
1.6 2.6 Bear LEFT, Lake Welch Parkway
1.8 2.9 U-Turn LEFT, onto Turnaround
2.0 3.2 Bear RIGHT, onto Cedar Pond Rd – Tiorati Brook Road
5.4 8.7 Turn RIGHT, Enter and Complete 3/4 of Tiorati Circle
5.4 8.7 Seven Lakes Drive
5.5 8.8 Arden Valley Road
5.5 8.9 Turn RIGHT, EXIT CIRCLE, 7 Lakes Drive (South)
8.8 14.2 Kanawaukee Circle, Pass Routes 106 and 210
10.3 16.6 Bear LEFT, onto Seven Lakes Drive Turnaround
10.4 16.8 U-Turn LEFT, onto Seven Lakes Drive (South)
10.5 16.9 Bear RIGHT, Seven Lakes Drive (North)
10.6 17.1 Turn RIGHT, onto Lake Welch Pky (East)
11.5 18.5 Camp Winaki Road
12.1 19.5 Johnston Road
13.5 21.8 Feed Zone
14.0 22.6 Start/Finish, Lake Welch


Prize Lists

Place M Pro1/2/3 M Cat 3 M Cat 4 Master 35+ W Pro/1/2/3 Women 4 40 +/50+/ 60+ 50+ 60+
1 $575 $175 $100 $150 $300 $75 $75 $50 $50
2 375 110 75 85 200 50 50
3 275 75 55 75 150 40 40
4 200 65 35 50 85 35 35
5 125 40 35 40 55
6 100 35 55
7 100 50
8 100 35
9 100 35
10 100 35
11 70
12 50
13 45
14 45
15 40
16 40
17 40
18 40
19 40
20 40
Total $2,500 $500 $300 $400 $1,000 $200 $200 $50 $50

Timing and Results

A professional timing service Pioneer Event Productions will be providing results. We should have results for all riders. They will be submitted to USACycling and posted on www.crca.net and www.bikereg.com.

New York Cup

The race is a particpant in the New York Cup Series.