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Team News Archive

CRCA Subteam Profile: Dave Jordan Racing
July 25, 2013

We continue to celebrate Dave Jordan’s passion…

CRCA Subteam Profile: ISF Global
June 28, 2013

The ISF Global CRCA subteam is an example of how it’s easier than you might think to start a new CRCA subteam.

CRCA Subteam Profile: Team Setanta
June 11, 2013

Named after an mythical Irish warrior, Setanta is now the oldest, continuously active sub-team of the CRCA

Early 2013 Update on Teams for New Racers
April 18, 2013

An update on some CRCA subteam options for new racers in 2013

Team Effort: The Dissection of a Solo Break Win
March 19, 2013

“While it may have been a solo effort, it was an effort only made possible by the teamwork that preceded it…”