CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium

The Orchard Beach Criterium was held for several years in the late-1990's/early-2000's before the race went on hiatus for a number of years. In 2012 facing a gap in the race schedule CRCA returned to Pelham Bay Park for the now annual Orchard Beach Criterium. In recent years the race has been held in honor of CRCA Racer Zach Koop who recently passed away. 

2018 Zach Koop Memorial Criterium Information

Important links for the 2018 edition of the race are included below:

Interview with Tomi Ketchum about Zach Koop from To Be Determined

Excerpted from the To Be Determined Journal Race Report:

The New York City cycling community is made up of a diverse and impressive cast of characters. Sadly the community lost one of its brightest stars last year when Zach Koop of Blue Ribbon Cycling passed away following a battle with cancer. Zach was one of the top racers in the area, collecting palmares that included the CRCA Boyd Cup, the New Jersey Crit Championships and too many other races to list here. 

However, in the aftermath of that difficult loss the New York City cycling community, led by Zach's family and friends, is coming together to honor his memory with an important fundraising effort centered around Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the upcoming Zach Koop Memorial Crit.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tomi Ketcham, Zach's close friend and teammate, on Zach's influence as a racer and member of the cycling community and what is in store in the coming weeks, months and years to honor Zach's memory.

Read the full interview or click below to go directly to the Zach Koop Memorial Criterium Fundraiser page for Cycle for Survival:

To Be Determined: Those of us who have been a part of the CRCA community for several years certainly remember Zach and the impression he made on races but for those that joined the cycling community more recently or didn't know Zach personally perhaps you can touch upon who he was and how this effort came to fruition:

Tomi Ketcham: Well, I think there are really two very different Zach’s that people knew, and their juxtaposition is what made him so special.

As a racer, Zach was a force of nature. He was gritty, fearless, and aggressive. Always the protagonist, he would bend and break the race at will, attacking relentlessly. It didn’t matter how the race unfolded. Every move he made was a threat, every pedal stroke had to be respected. Hesitate and he’d be gone. He would go at it solo, or in a break, and if somehow the field managed to survive his onslaught of attacks, he would dismantle you in the sprint. Entire team strategies boiled down to “follow Zach.” His presence on the bike was big, loud, and confident. As a racer he gave his all, and this inspired loyalty and commitment from his teammates. I knew that if I did my part and buried myself, he’d deliver his best. On the line he would say very little, and ask nothing of you, but his presence had an unsuspecting way of convincing you to completely empty the legs. Being a part of his success was magical; I still get chills thinking about our races together.

(continued on the To Be Determined Journal...)

CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium Champions


  • 2017:
  • 2016:
  • 2015:
  • 2014:
  • 2013: Zach Koop (CRCA/Blue
  • 2012: Greg Olsen (CRCA/Champion Systems p/b Stan’s NoTubes)
  • 2002: Kevin Molloy (CRCA/
  • 2001: Arthur Rutte (Win/Holland)
  • 2000: Adam Myerson (Breakaway Couriers)
  • 1999: Jonathan Dechau (CRCA/Renaissance)


  • 2017:
  • 2016:
  • 2015:
  • 2014:
  • 2013: Laura Summers (Central Wheel/GHCC)
  • 2012: Laura Summers (Central Wheel/GHCC)
  • 2002: Catherine Powers (Terry Precision)
  • 2001: Catherine Powers (CRCA/
  • 2000: Laura Kiblesbeck (HVVC)
  • 1999: Toni Germanotta (CRCA/Polo Sport)

Images from the 2017 CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium


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