CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium

The Orchard Beach Criterium was held for several years in the late-1990's/early-2000's before the race went on hiatus for a number of years. In 2012 facing a gap in the race schedule CRCA returned to Pelham Bay Park for the now annual Orchard Beach Criterium. In recent years the race has been held in honor of CRCA Racer Zach Koop who recently passed away. 

2019 Zach Koop Memorial Criterium Information

Important links for the 2019 edition of the race are included below:

Race Fields and Schedules

The CRCA Zach Koop Memorial at Orchard Beach includes overlapping fields such that the vast majority of riders can race twice (discounts on multi-field entries) and many categories can race three times. We encourage riders to consider participating in multiple fields.


As part of CRCA's focus on improving our events the Club is shifting some cash prize pools into other rider benefits including pizza for racers at Orchard Beach. 

  • Elite Men: $1000 cash (10 deep)

  • Elite Women: $1000 cash (10 deep)

  • Other Fields: Merchandise to be announced

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Interview with Tomi Ketchum about Zach Koop from To Be Determined

Excerpted from the To Be Determined Journal Race Report:

The New York City cycling community is made up of a diverse and impressive cast of characters. Sadly the community lost one of its brightest stars last year when Zach Koop of Blue Ribbon Cycling passed away following a battle with cancer. Zach was one of the top racers in the area, collecting palmares that included the CRCA Boyd Cup, the New Jersey Crit Championships and too many other races to list here. 

However, in the aftermath of that difficult loss the New York City cycling community, led by Zach's family and friends, is coming together to honor his memory with an important fundraising effort centered around Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the upcoming Zach Koop Memorial Crit.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tomi Ketcham, Zach's close friend and teammate, on Zach's influence as a racer and member of the cycling community and what is in store in the coming weeks, months and years to honor Zach's memory.

Read the full interview or click below to go directly to the Zach Koop Memorial Criterium Fundraiser page for Cycle for Survival:

To Be Determined: Those of us who have been a part of the CRCA community for several years certainly remember Zach and the impression he made on races but for those that joined the cycling community more recently or didn't know Zach personally perhaps you can touch upon who he was and how this effort came to fruition:

Tomi Ketcham: Well, I think there are really two very different Zach’s that people knew, and their juxtaposition is what made him so special.

As a racer, Zach was a force of nature. He was gritty, fearless, and aggressive. Always the protagonist, he would bend and break the race at will, attacking relentlessly. It didn’t matter how the race unfolded. Every move he made was a threat, every pedal stroke had to be respected. Hesitate and he’d be gone. He would go at it solo, or in a break, and if somehow the field managed to survive his onslaught of attacks, he would dismantle you in the sprint. Entire team strategies boiled down to “follow Zach.” His presence on the bike was big, loud, and confident. As a racer he gave his all, and this inspired loyalty and commitment from his teammates. I knew that if I did my part and buried myself, he’d deliver his best. On the line he would say very little, and ask nothing of you, but his presence had an unsuspecting way of convincing you to completely empty the legs. Being a part of his success was magical; I still get chills thinking about our races together.

(continued on the To Be Determined Journal...)

CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium Champions


  • 2018: Allan Rego

  • 2017: Allan Rego

  • 2016: Cristian Torres

  • 2015: Norlandy Taveras

  • 2014: Anthony Rodriquez

  • 2013: Zach Koop

  • 2012: Greg Olsen

  • 2002: Kevin Molloy

  • 2001: Arthur Rutte

  • 2000: Adam Myerson

  • 1999: Jonathan Dechau


  • 2018: Cassandra Maxximenko

  • 2017: Cassandra Maxximenko

  • 2016: Brittlee Bowman

  • 2015: Laura Van Gilder

  • 2014: Amy Cutler

  • 2013: Laura Summers

  • 2012: Laura Summers

  • 2002: Catherine Powers

  • 2001: Catherine Powers

  • 2000: Laura Kiblesbeck

  • 1999: Toni Germanotta

Images from the 2017 CRCA Orchard Beach Criterium

2018 CRCA Zach Koop Memorial Crit at Orchard Beach Technical Guide

Important Race Notes

  • A lot of work has gone into returning bike racing to Orchard Beach and we hope to continue to host future races in Pelham Bay Park. Please be respectful of the park and other park users throughout the race – this includes while warming up before and after races. Do not interfere with the flow of traffic or the activities of other park users

  • There is no day of registration for the race. All registration must be completed in advance on Bikereg. If you have questions about registration please contact

  • While we will make every effort to have the Parks Department open the Orchard Beach restrooms prior to the start of racing, we cannot guarantee their availability early in the morning – please plan accordingly

  • Due to time constraints time between fields will be limited and fields will be staged before the prior race finishes – please listen for announcements and know the race schedule

  • If you would like to pre-ride the course please do so before the race prior to yours starts – i.e. the Cat 3/4 men should pre-ride the course before the cat 4 race begins. Be aware that time between fields is limited and thus a limited window is available to pre-ride the course

  • As was the case with the CRCA Grant’s Tomb Criterium, neutral support will be provided by Bicycle Habitat. Officials will provide information on free laps prior to the start of each field. Familiarize yourself with USAC rule 3D4 regarding free laps.

  • Due to the course distance it is possible that a break could lap the field – please be aware of the lead moto if a break laps the field and familiarize yourself with USAC rules 3D3 and 3D4

  • Officials will give instructions regarding pulled riders during staging – given the distance of the course riders are likely to get pulled so please listen for instructions

  • NO TENTS OR COMMERCIAL TEAM VANS - the NYC Parks Department has been extremely accommodating this year, however please be aware that vehicles, banners, or tents bearing commercial logos may result in directly being cited by the NYC Parks Department.

Race Location and Transportation

  • The Orchard Beach Crit course is adjacent to the Orchard Beach parking lot in Pelham Bay Park (see map below)

  • The course is accessible via bike, car and subway, but if you are not familiar with Pelham Bay Park please plan your route accordingly

  • The Orchard Beach parking lot will be available for parking

  • If you are taking the subway one option is to take the 6 train to the Pelham Bay Park station. Please see for additional information

Race Course

  • The course is flat and fast half mile with a sweeping corner on the east end and two sharper corners on the west end. See the course map below and

  • The race will run counter clock wise (all corners will be left turns)

  • The start / finish line will be located on the south straight away approximately 2/3rds down the straight away.

  • Staging will take place in the small parking lot directly off the corner on the northeast portion of the course

  • The entire course will be closed to traffic

Race Map


Race Schedule

  • Due to time constraints at the venue time between races is extremely limited and we need to remain on schedule.

  • Please be aware of your start time and remember that staging will take place shortly before the preceding race finishes. Stage in the small parking lot immediately adjacent to the northeast corner of the course.

  • We encourage racers to spend the day watching other races – Orchard Beach is an incredibly spectator friendly course and the Kids Races should be great fun to watch.

  • Note that entry fees increase closer to the race date

Kids Races

  • The Kids Race will take place at 3:00 PM OFF OF the main course. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the events in order to complete required paperwork and pin race numbers. The event is running on a very tight schedule so it’s important that the Kid’s races start on time.