Membership Categories

Classes of Membership. There shall be four classes of members, to be known as Life, Associate, Regular and Student Members. Regular and Associate Members may become Life Members after 20 consecutive years of membership in good standing.

There are two basic categories of membership: Racing and Associate. For legal and insurance reasons, Racing members (and those Associates who wish to take part in coaching) must also be members of the USA Cycling. Racing members may race in club events, participate in coaching sessions and must marshal at races. Racing members marshal two times a year. Associates have no marshal duties and cannot participate in club races. All other club privileges extend to both categories: discounts at some bicycle stores and voting for club officers.

There are two levels within the Racing category, Regular and Donor. For a premium fee, $600, Donors will have all race entry fees prepaid and will have their marshaling obligations taken care of by the club. Regular members can pay the yearly fee ($49 or $59 this year depending on when you sign up) and have the option to pre pay an additional $100 (dinosaur) to cover all CRCA club only park races for the season otherwise pay $10 entry fee per race.

Read the Club Race Protocol and the Sub Team Rules for more information.

Category 1, 2 and 3 riders will be assigned to the A field. Category 4 riders will be assigned to the B field. Category 5 riders will be assigned to the C field. Women riders will be assigned to the women’s field. For any changes, e-mail the VP of Rider Development at riderdevelopment[at]

If you are interested in joining CRCA as a racing member, you will need to apply for a road racing license from USA Cycling ( and choose Century Road Club Association your affiliation. If you are already a USA Cycling member and affiliated with another club, you must get your affiliation changed to Century Road Club Association.

USA Cycling License Requirements

USA Cycling rules for club races require all riders in a club race to have the name of the sponsoring club on their license.
If you’re current USA Cycling license states something other than “Century Road Club Association” after Club/Team name, for example, if it says “Unattached” or has your old club name there, you must get it changed to Century Road Club Association. You can do this by calling USA Cycling at (719) 434-4200 to make the change.
You must be a member of Century Road Club Association before you can enter club races.