CRCA Jamison Bear Mountain Classic

The Bear Mountain Classic is perhaps the most prestigious road race in the tri-state area. Taking place entirely within the confines of Harriman State Park, the Bear Mountain Classic course has previously served as the US National Championship course and was featured on the Professional National Road Calendar. In its present day form, the race features a plethora of field options for nearly every category and age group rider.

Bear Mountain Classic SPonsorS

The 2019 CRCA Jamison Bear Mountain Classic is sponsored by long-time bike racing and CRCA supporter, Stephen Jamison, who has helped to ensure road racing continues to thrive in the New York City area. 


The event is also supported by Lucarelli & Castaldi. Lucarelli and Castaldi is a personal injury law firm that represents cyclists and other accident victims. 

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2019 Bear Mountain Classic Information

Important links for the 2019 edition of the race are included below:

  • Race Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019

  • Registration Link: Bikereg

  • Technical Guide: 2019 Edition Coming Soon

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE Bear Mountain Classic

Excerpted from the To Be Determined Journal Bear Mountain Race Report:

This race is hard: for racers it offers one of the longest races with more climbing than any other race in striking distance of NYC; as a race director, coordinating 3 neutral support cars and 20+ moto officials during a day packed with back-to-back-to-back fields is not easy.  Top that off with the financial pressure imposed by the expenses of putting on such an event, with the frustrating pre-registration practices of bike racers in the 21st century, and you have the CRCA Bear Mountain Classic in a nutshell. 

For those who have not raced it, the Bear Mountain Classic course actually does not include the infamous Perkins Memorial Drive that is synonymous with "Bear Mountain" to New York City cyclists.  

Rather, the course comprises an approximately 14 mile loop with several climbs, the most punchy of which is the first - Tiorati Brook Road. Tiorati is not a particularly long or steep climb - roughly 2.3 miles for the main chunk at a 4% average gradient - but combined with the rollers spread throughout the rest of the loop it becomes a leg sapping day on the bike (while on the topic of Tiorati: congrats to Samantha Fox for taking the Strava QOM on race day!).

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CRCA Bear Mountain Classic Elite Champions


  • 2018: Kevin Goguen (CRCA/Jamison Capital-Cannondale)

  • 2017: Glen Ferreira (Team Metra/Xrcel/Cycles 54)

  • 2016: Allan Rego (CRCA/Lupus Racing Team)

  • 2015: Scott Zwizanski (Optum)

  • 2014: Mike Margarite (CRCA/Weather Channel Cycling Team)

  • 2011: Matthew Waller (Tri State Velo)

  • 2010: Aaron Fillion (Ride with Rendall)

  • 2009: Clayton Barrows (CRCA/Empire)

  • 2008: Matthew Johnson (CRCA/Empire)

  • 2007: Ryan MacKenzie (Equipe Volkswagen)

  • 2006: Phil Cortes/David Veilleux (Garneau Optik)

  • 2005: David Greenfield/Josh Dillon (Louis Garneau)

  • 2004: Melitio Heredia (Toga) *

  • 2002: Nat Faulkner (Kissena)

  • 2001: Kevin Monahan (Colorado Cyclist)

  • 2000: John Lieswyn (Shaklee)

  • 1999: Peter Mazur (Kissena)

*Joe Papp finished first in 2004 but was stripped of all results since 2001 after pleading guilty to doping charges


  • 2018: Taylor Kuyk-White (Philadelphia Bike Expo)

  • 2017: Danielle Morshead (Team Errace)

  • 2016: Cassandra Maximenko (CRCA/ Velo Classic p/b Stan's NoTubes)

  • 2015: Cassandra Maximenko (CRCA/ Stan's NoTubes p/b Velo Class)

  • 2014: Beth Ruiz (Miller?)

  • 2011: Kristin Lotito (CRCA/Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez)

  • 2010: Alejandra Madrinan (CRCA/Comedy Central)

  • 2009: Evelyn Stevens (CRCA/Radical Media)

  • 2008: Beth Miller (North Atlantic Velo/

  • 2007: Lauren Shirock (BMW/Bianchi)

  • 2006: Emma Nelson (Advil Chapstick)

  • 2005: Margot Herman (Mission in Motion)

  • 2004: Anna Milkowski (Rona)

  • 2002: Laura van Gilder (Trek Plus)

  • 2001: Roz Reekie-May (Pittsburgh Cycling)

  • 2000: Tina Mayola (

  • 1999: Laura van Gilder (Navigators)

Bear Mountain Classic Technical Guide

NO DAY OF REGISTRATION. As with all CRCA races registration must be done in advance on Bikereg. 

Rider Conduct: Unless specific exceptions are noted in this Technical Guide, this race is governed by the rules found in the USA Cycling Rulebook. See The Chief Referee may increase/extend any fines or impose other penalties according to the gravity of the offense. Relegations affect placings. Monetary fines issued to riders or teams are to be paid directly to USA Cycling per USAC rule 1K2d.

Centerline Rule: This course is open to traffic and utilizes a rolling enclosure. USAC 3B1 “centerline rule” is in effect for the entire race course except for the final 500M of the finish lap only, and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Deliberate riding on the left side of the centerline in order to advance position or repeated drifting to the left of the centerline without provocation will result in a penalty, including disqualification from the Race. Additionally, riders may also be relegated or disqualified at the discretion of the Chief Referee. The centerline rule is in effect for all Sprints and K/QOM sprints. Racers may use the entire roadway only for the final 500M of the race (finish lap only).

Helmets: Per USAC rule 1J1, riders are required to wear a securely fastened helmet at all times while mounted on a bicycle (does not apply to riding rollers/trainers during warm-up). This rule is in effect at all times for all competitors from the opening of registration through the final awarding of prizes.

Junior Rollout: Per USAC rule 1I4, ALL Juniors (no matter what category they are competing in) must report to rollout IMMEDIATELY after finishing. Rollout will take place just after the finish. Look for signs. Penalties for failing to report to rollout or if bike fails rollout: loss of any sprint or K/QOM placings and possible relegation of finishing place at the discretion of the Chief Referee and Race Director.

Littering: Please utilize garbage bags and garbage cans, or take your garbage with you. Do not litter. Participants who discard bottles or wrappers in unapproved areas will be subject to a $30 fine per the USAC Discipline Table 8A4(a) or disqualification from the race at the discretion of the Chief Referee and Race Director. The only approved area for discarding litter on the race course is at the feed zone. Under New York State law, littering is subject to prosecution including a fine. The fine is stiff! Please be self-policing, and the race will have monitors.

Food: Food will be available for purchase from vendors at the Lake Welch Parking lot.

Bathrooms: Park facilities will be open for our use the day of the race. Please make use of these restrooms. Urinating and/or defecating on parks property will not be tolerated and you will be subject to New York State laws including a fine and disqualification from the race. Please see the Race Village Map for restroom location - Please use the Beach Side Restrooms.

Staging: Staging will be 15 minutes before your race. Please see the Race Village Map for staging locations. Signs will be posted.

IMPORTANT: The race starts on a steep descent into a 180 degree turn - officials will allow riders to descend at their own pace BUT will neutralize the field past the 180 degree turn until the entire field makes the turn - the racing will begin on Tiorati. Again - the priority on the descent is SAFETY. Proceed at your own, safe pace, and the field will be neutralized coming out of the turn until the entire field has exited the turn and then racing begins on Tiorati.

Numbers: Racers will be provided with two numbers. Numbers must be pinned on the RIGHT and BACK of the riders jersey. Incorrect placement of numbers may lead to incorrect results.

Results: Results will be posted near registration shortly after the finish of your race. After results have been posted, racers will have a 15 minute protest period. After the 15 minute protest period, results will be final. It is the racers responsibility to verify their result during this 15 minute protest period. Results will not be changed afterwards.

Neutral support: In-race neutral support will be provided by SRAM and additional racer support from Trek Bicycles Chelsea will be available at the Race Village near the staging area. SRAM Neutral support will be provided for the first three fields in each wave. The fourth field will not have neutral support. 

Course Description

The Bear Mountain Classic takes place on a beautiful, rolling 14.1 mile loop of Harriman State Park. The Start/Finish is at Lake Welch followed by a fast descent toward the PIP before a sharp U-turn and steady climb up Tiorati Brook Road which is often the most decisive climb on the course. For the full course click this link for the Strava Route


The race is located at Lake Welch Beach in Harriman State Park. Please note that there is only ONE road that enters Harriman state park that does not interrupt the race course. 

  • From North and East : Palisades Parkway to Exit 15 -> Gate Hill Road

  • From South : Palisades Parkway to Exit 14 -> Willow Grove Road -> Gate Hill Road

  • From West : I-87 S -> Exit 15A to RT 17 to NY-59 E -> US-202 E -> Laddentown Rd -> Call Hollow Rd -> Willow Grove Rd -> Gate Hill Rd

Please only approach the park from the South East via Gate Hill Road. The following roads will put you on the race course, avoid them if possible: Seven Lakes Drive, Lake Welch Parkway, RT 106. DO NOT take Exit 16 from the Palisades Parkway - This will put you directly on the race course!

Parking: The Lake Welch Beach parking is available for parking. There is a separate road to the parking lot, please make use of this. Do not drive on Lake Welch Parkway. The lot is large and has ample space for everyone. DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD ANYWHERE IN PARK

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