CRCA Roka Grant's Tomb Criterium

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The CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium is one of the biggest bike races in the tri-state area. Held in early March in upper Manhattan the event was originally a mainstay of the collegiate racing calendar before CRCA stepped in to save the event several years ago. While the early season temperatures can be uncomfortable the CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium is without a doubt one of the most exciting races in New York City. 

2019 CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium Sponsors

We are pleased to announce our sponsors for the 2019 Grant's Tomb Criterium:

  • Roka: Performance eyewear, apparel and equipment for a variety of athletic pursuits. In addition to being our named sponsor for 2018, Roka returned to sponsor the event once again for 2019.

2019 Grant's Tomb Criterium Information

The 2018 edition of the race will serve as the New York State Criterium Championship. Important links for the 2018 edition of the race are included below:

Race Fields and Schedules

The CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium includes 12 separate fields. The vast majority of riders can race twice (discounts on multi-field entries) and many categories can race three times. We encourage riders to consider participating in multiple fields.


As part of CRCA's focus on improving our events the Club is shifting some cash prize pools into other rider benefits including free coffee for all racers.

  • Elite Men: $750 cash (6 deep) + $250 cash primes

  • Elite Women: $750 cash (6 deep) + $250 cash primes

  • Other Fields: merchandise to be announced, if any

An Introduction to The Grant's Tomb Criterium 

Excerpted from the To Be Determined Journal Race Report (full TBD coverage of Grant's Tomb):

The CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium is both the first big race of the road season and one of just two races left in New York City that takes place on city streets. As such the race plays a special role for the local cycling community, as highlighted by the biggest turnout for any race in the region - nearly 700 racers for the most recent edition. 

This special role continues despite at times brutal early season weather - in recent years there was one edition that took place in what was almost certainly a hurricane and another frozen year that was perhaps the most frigid day many riders had ever experienced on the bike. 

More recently the 2015 and 2016 editions of the race are a perfect study in contrasts, exemplifying the challenges of training and racing year-round in New York City. As we look forward to the 2017 edition of the Grant's Tomb Criterium in just a few weeks (register!) we also take a look back at the past two years of racing at the intersection of Grant's Tomb and Riverside Church.

CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium Champions


  • 2018: Masha Schneider

  • 2017: Danielle Morshead

  • 2016: Amy Cutler


  • 2018: Scott Savory

  • 2017: Glenn Ferreira

  • 2016: Scott Savory

CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium Technical Guide

The Race Insiders Guide from To Be Determined features a variety of details on the Grant's Tomb Course and is available here.



  • All race participants and spectators must be be respectful of visitors to Grant’s Tomb National Memorial, Riverside Church, Riverside Park, and Sakura Park throughout the day. Without the support of these organizations we cannot host the race. Do not interfere with the activities of users of these facilities and be respectful of, and cooperate fully with, any directions from law enforcement officers and race staff. If the grass around the finish line area is wet, please stay off the grass at all times.

  • Cyclists are NOT ALLOWED to use the restrooms or otherwise enter Riverside Church and Grant's Tomb National Memorial. Portable toilets will be available on site for all racers. Please utilize garbage bags and garbage cans, or take your garbage with you. Do not litter.

  • No day-of registration for the race. All registration must be completed in advance on Bikereg. If you have questions about registration please contact

  • Results will be published shortly following the conclusion of each race and riders will have a 15 minute protest period. After the protest period, results are final.

  • Neutral support will be provided by SRAM. Officials will provide information on free laps prior to the start. Familiarize yourself with USAC rule 3D4 regarding free laps.

  • Due to the course distance, it is possible that a break could lap the field. Please be aware of the lead moto if a break laps the field and familiarize yourself with corresponding USAC rules 3D3 and 3D4.

  • Officials will give instructions regarding pulled riders during staging. Given the distance of the course, riders are likely to get pulled, so please listen and look out for instructions.

  • Officials will time the opening laps of each field and provide a lap count based on those times. The lap counter is located at the finish line.

Registration and other locations

The 2019 edition features a revised finish line location and site map from previous years. Please see the finish line area site map below. Please note that team tents are only allowed along the barricades on the West side of Riverside Drive Southbound and must be off the sidewalk. Results will be posted on the finish line trailer - make sure to use the designated course crossing while crossing the finish line. Staging remains at the intersection of West 122nd Street and Riverside Drive Northbound (top of the hill, by SRAM neutral support).


Grant's Tomb Site Map.PNG

Course Notes

  • While riding to/from the race obey all traffic laws. Follow all traffic lights and do not ride on sidewalks. Ticketing may occur for violations. Treat pedestrians with respect. When crossing the course please insure that the roadway is clear.

  • Staging takes place at W122nd and Riverside Drive. Fields will begin staging at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled race start. Fields begin almost immediately following the conclusion of the prior race. Listen for announcements and do not miss your race. While waiting for registration/staging please stay off the sidewalk in front of the church.

  • SRAM neutral support will be located on the West side of northbound Riverside Drive at West 122th Street.

  • The course is available as a Strava Route.

Click through to to see the full course details

Click through to to see the full course details

Race Schedule

For the complete schedule please visit the event page. Important notes:

  • Due to time constraints racers for will be staged prior to the finish of the previous field. Be familiar with the course map for staging location, listen for announcements and know the race schedule.

  • Sign-in/Number pick-up closes 10 minutes to field start. If you have not signed-in and picked up your number, your spot will be given to a waitlist rider. The waitlist will be cleared in order of registration. If you do not get cleared from the waitlist you will be refunded in cash (must be in attendance to receive refund).

We are offering a combined Men's and Women's Criterium race clinic. The goal is to provide helpful skills and tips racing criteriums, including riding in a pack, drafting, cornering, attacking, and sprinting. The schedule is set up to allow all M5 and W4 racers attend the clinic then apply what they have learned during their race shortly afterwards.

Podium Schedule

Due to riders participating in multiple races the podium time vary based on the field. Planned podium times are as follows:

  • 9:30 - Men 5 podium

  • 10:15 - Women 4/5 podium

  • 10:30 - Women 3/4/5 podium

  • 11:05 - Men 4/5 podium

  • 11:30 - Men 4 podium

  • 12:15 - Masters podium

  • 1:15 - Juniors podium (A+B)

  • 2:15 - Men 3/4 podium

  • 4:00 - Men 2/3 podium

  • 5:00 - Elite women podium

  • 5:55 - Elite men podium (as soon as the 15 minute protest period finishes post race)