About CRCA Racing

Century Road Club Association is the leading race promoter in New York City hosting nearly two dozen races throughout the course of the year across a variety of disciplines including criteriums, road races and circuit races. 

All inquires regarding the CRCA Club Series should be directed to the Vice President of Racing while Open Racing questions should go to the Director of Open Racing

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Racing with CRCA

The Club's race events run from March until September and span two categories of races:

  • CRCA Club Race Seriesthe CRCA Club Race Series is available for all CRCA racing, season pass, and donor members. Season pass membership is available for $100 at early discount prices and includes registration for all 12 races. The CRCA Club Series features several season long competitions including the prestigious Jim Boyd Cup and the CRCA Team Cup. You must be a racing member of CRCA to participate in this series and the associated competitions.
  • CRCA Open Races - CRCA Open Races include some of the most well attended races in the tri-state area and are open to all cyclists who register in advance via Bikereg. There is no day of registration for any CRCA open races. Open race formats range from circuit races in Central Park to a number of criteriums to Bear Mountain Classic's road race format. 
  • Development Events - CRCA also hosts a number of Development focused races and clinics that are open to non-CRCA Members. The Women's Development Series features numerous races in Central Park as well as fields at CRCA Open Races. The Club also hosts two New Racer Clinics for Women in Central Park and one for Men. 

Race Results, Standings And Other Resources

Results and Standings for CRCA Club Races and CRCA Competitions are published under Results & Standings in the Membership section of the website. Results for CRCA Open Races are published directly to USA Cycling. For the Women's Development Series please visit the Series Page at the left for the latest standings. 

Central Park Protocol for Cycling and Training

Racing in Central Park is a privilege granted through our long-term partnership and collaboration with NYC Parks and the Central Park Conservancy. 

Please be sure you are familiar with the below at all times, when riding/racing in Central Park:

  1. Cyclists are subject to all laws, rules and regulations governing Central Park at all times and shall act accordingly when using the Park.
  2. Training rides should be limited to times when the Park is least crowded (i.e., weekdays before 8am and after 8pm/6pm in winter).
  3. Group training rides should be kept small (12 people max as of 2017) and take into account proximate Park user traffic.
  4. Cyclists shall employ caution and common sense when approaching crosswalks and signal lights.
  5. Cyclists shall always yield to pedestrians, regardless of whether they are in a crosswalk. The safety of pedestrians is paramount at all times.
  6. Cyclists shall ride predictably at a speed appropriate to the circumstances - safe for the density of Park user traffic.
  7. Cyclists should be extra vigilant throughout the south section of the Park, from West 72nd Street around to the bottom of Cat’s Paw Hill north of the Boathouse, in order to maintain safety through this narrow and congested area.
  8. In general, slower cyclists should stay left and faster cyclists should pass on the right when safe to do so. No cyclist may ride in the runner’s lane at any time. When passing any park users, allow several feet of clearance.
  9. Cyclists shall employ front and rear lights before dawn and after dusk. #10 - Cyclists shall carry valid identification.
  10. Cyclists should be alert, courteous and aware that the park is full of tourists and locals who do not know the rules. Understanding that all cyclists are subject to rules and regulations affecting Central Park at all times, the following groups agree to educate their constituents to abide this Protocol.