Marshaling Instructions

CRCA Marshals must follow these instructions to ensure safety of our racers and other park users, and ensure we continue to receive NYC Parks Permits.

Failure to complete marshal obligations as outlined here may result in your suspension and other consequences as detailed in the Marshaling Policy.

Before the Race

Print and complete the USAC Volunteer Release form, and bring to your marshaling assignment. It is essential that marshals arrive on time. Marshal start time is calculated to ensure that marshals have can reach their assigned location prior to the start of the race. Racing cannot start until all marshals are stationed at their assigned location. 

Please ride your bike to your marshaling assignment. If you cannot ride, consider using an alternate mode of human powered transport (but no cars, motorcycles, mopeds or electric bikes) to get you to your location faster.  Marshal assignments are dispersed throughout the Park and it is up to you to get to your location on time after you have checked-in.


When you are marshaling, your complete attention is required.  Please refrain from the following activity while marshaling races:

  • No headphones - we need you to be able to hear marshal whistles and know when the moto + field are approaching.
  • Don't read - now's not the time to catch up on Facebook or last month's New Yorker.
  • No taking photos or video - we need your arms free to signal to oncoming racers/motos if there is an object on the road, and to other park users (e.g., pedestrians, riders and dog walkers) to exit the road while the field is approaching.


All marshals will be assigned a location based on a lamp post number in Central Park as follows:

  • <E/W><Street><Lamp post Number>

For example, if your location is E8303:

  • <E><83><03>, so your location is
  • East 83rd Street, third lamp post

Each lamp post should be marked with these alpha-numerical codes at their base.


Make sure you are wearing your high visibility safety vest so motos, racers and park users are able to identify you on the course, and so you are visible for your own safety.

Place orange cones on the double white line which delineates the recreational lane from the Traffic Lane (Racing Lane). Please don't put the cones in the middle of the road!  

Blow your marshal whistle as the field approaches. Once you hear the whistle of the previous marshal on the course, you should start blowing your whistle, while ensuring that all other park users are off the loop road and not preparing to cross the street.  Please blow the marshal whistle even if no other park users are around, as you will be alerting the next marshal up the road as well.

Continue blowing your marshal whistle until after the entire field passes. If there's a break, stay alert and watch for the remainder of the field to approach soon thereafter. Use your judgment. If the break is minutes up the road from the next group, you don't have to continue blowing the whistle during the entire gap. 

Off-leash dogs

Dogs are allowed off leash in Central Park during early morning hours through 9am.  If there is no field approaching, inform the dog owner that there's a bike race in progress and if they hear whistles blowing to please take control of their pup.  If a field is approaching, firmly suggest to owners to physically take control of their pet to ensure they do not run into the road. 

There have been serious injuries in the past - to racers and dogs - due to dogs running into the middle of a race.  However, as ambassadors of CRCA, try to keep your interactions with other park users courteous at all times. Avoid argument or engagement beyond what is necessary to convey information to keep our racers and park users safe. Ultimately, we cannot control the behavior of others.


Should an accident occur, see if those involved require medical assistance. If so, follow these steps:

  • Unless the wound is critical (severed artery, very obvious life threatening issue), call the race director immediately:  718-309-9877.  CPMU ambulances are stationed at every race. Typically, it is much faster to dispatch an ambulance from Cat's Paw than by dialing 911.
  • If there is a life threatening emergency, or CPMU ambulance cannot be reached, call 911 and THEN contact the race director at 718-309-9877
  • Provide the Race Director with all pertinent information so they can determine if the race should continue.
  • If the injured party is able to be moved, assist them in clearing the road to ensure they are not further harmed by oncoming park traffic or other racers.
  • If the injured party is not mobile, stand in front of them to ensure their safety until further help arrives. Reposition cones if possible to ensure regular Park users are directed around the incident.
  • Stay with the injured party until help arrives.
  • If time allows, collect the injured party's name and contact information for further follow up.

Do not leave your post unless absolutely necessary

After the Race

Marshals should stay at their posts until a moto comes around signaling that the race is over.  Please do not leave your marshal post until this has been confirmed.  Once completed, be sure to return to the Marshal Captain to checkout after the race. Failure to do so will result in your not receiving credit for your marshal duty.  Please return cones and vests to the Marshal Captain or storage container as directed.

important contact information

  • CRCA Race Director: 718-309-9877
  • Race Day Head Marshal Paulette Maggoe: 347-998-8318

Please review the CRCA Marshaling Policy for additional rules, and don't forget to bring a USAC Volunteer Release form to your marshaling assignment.