CRCA Sub-Teams

The CRCA Community is comprised of independent riders who race in the CRCA club jersey and CRCA sub-teams who race in their own team kit with required CRCA branding. Any individual or group of members may form a sub-team under the CRCA umbrella.

As part of their contribution to the CRCA community all sub-teams are required to fulfill Team Duties, which are vital to the Club's operations. See the 2018 Team Duty Assignments. *All renewing teams should have received an e-mail requesting Team Duty selections.

Additional requirements for CRCA sub-teams are detailed below in the sub-team rules. 

Questions regarding sub-teams may be sent to the Director of Teams.

CRCA Sub-team Application/Renewal

CRCA Sub-team application:  Please use the sub-team application if you are creating a new team as soon as possible. 

Existing sub-team managers should have already received e-mail instructions on renewal roster submission. Please contact Director of Teams with questions or if you haven't received renewal instructions. 

The CRCA Club Jersey For Independent Riders

CRCA members have been racing in CRCA kit since 1898, as part of the oldest bike racing club in the United States. The emphasis of the club is development, preparing riders to succeed in road racing in a safe, fair, and supportive competitive environment.

All of the Club's intependent riders wear this jersey, designed in the club's classic yellow colorway. 

CENTURY ROAD CLUB ASSOCIATION     Contact Us     Men & Women Cat 1-5

CRCA Sub-Team Rules

1. Sub-team Member's CRCA Affiliation:

a. Each member of a CRCA sub-team who races must have "Century Road Club Association" as the club affiliation on their USAC license and must be a dues-paying Member of CRCA. Each sub-team must have at least 50% of its members as CRCA Racing members, but a sub-team may have up to 50% of its roster as Associate members.  A sub-team may have non-CRCA members as part of a team, but only in a support or administrative position.

b. Each sub-team jersey must be a CRCA club jersey in compliance with Rule 9 below. Teams may not allow persons who are not members of CRCA to race in team jerseys. If a sub-team knowingly allows a non-CRCA member to race in a club or open race in a team jersey, the entire team is suspended from racing until further notice. If the violation occurs during a CRCA club points competition qualifying race, then any points earned at that race are forfeited, and the sub-team may be suspended from racing in the next race (such suspension to carry over to the next season if necessary).

2. Sub-Team Renewal: Annually, existing teams and new teams must submit their updated rosters/team names, and/or sub-team applications as directed by the Director of Teams. Failure to do so may prevent team members from being allowed to race in their team uniform and will prevent the team from accruing any Team Cup points until the completed application is received. Email completed applications to the Director of Teams.

3. Roster Changes: Changes to your roster during the season must be sent in writing to the Director of Teams at least three (3) days in advance of any racing with your team. Failure to do so may result in the new team member not being permitted to race and/or such member being disqualified from racing and/or counting toward Team Cup points.

4. Contact Person:  Each team must designate one individual, preferably a team manager, and must provide the e-mail and full contact information for that person. Please also name an alternate team contact.  The primary contact email will be listed on the website.

5. Team Duty Requirements:  

a. Each sub-team receives many benefits by being part of CRCA. These include elimination of team duties under USACycling. It also allows a group of individuals to participate, as a team, in some of the most competitive racing in the region. In return for these benefits, CRCA requires each team to provide a reasonable service to the club or to the broader cycling community during the year. The Director of Teams will work with team managers to arrange team duty credits. First priority is to provide labor for open races sponsored by CRCA. Team Duty responsibilities are commensurate with the numbers of members of the sub-team. Duties to satisfy a team’s requirements must be agreed upon with the Director of Teams no later than April 1. Teams that have not selected a sufficient number of credits by that date will not be allowed to race until credits are selected and approval is granted by the Director of Teams.  Duties for credit are assigned to teams on a first-come/first-serve basis and there is no guarantee that the tasks a team requests will be available. If an event is cancelled within 3 weeks of a scheduled event, the team will receive 1/2 credit for any tasks it had agreed to for that event, and must schedule an alternate team duty to fulfill the remaining 1/2 credits yet unfulfilled within three weeks of the date the cancellation was announced.

b. At the Director of Teams discretion, a sub-team may have its members do additional marshal duty during the course of the year (assuming there is a need for additional marshaling), with each marshal duty earning one (1) team duty credit. This Team Duty credit only applies after the member completes their mandatory two-race marshaling requirement. If a team's obligations are not met by one of the above activities, the team will have to pay to CRCA $60 per unearned credit. Any team that does not meet its obligations may be prohibited from registering the following year. Members of that team may not be permitted to join other CRCA sub-teams unless such obligations are met.

6. Multiple Team Affiliation:  Team members may not be affiliated with more than one sub-team within the CRCA or with any team outside the CRCA without the express written consent of the CRCA Board of Directors. However, at major open races, members may form composite teams (subject to USAC rules) and work together.  For this purpose, members of different sub-teams may all wear one jersey upon the approval of the CRCA Board of Directors and provided USAC rules are followed.

7. Team Responsibility for Marshaling and Suspension:  Teams are responsible for the marshal duties of their members. Marshals perform the most important function at CRCA races: ensuring the safety of racers and other park users. CRCA teams will be held responsible for missed marshaling dates and suspensions of their team members, as follows:

a. If a member of a sub-team does not show up for a marshaling date, they are immediately suspended. Additionally, if there is a marshal deficit for a race, and an absent marshal is a member of a sub-team, then that sub-team must forfeit a member of its team to serve as a marshal for that race.

b. Teams with suspended members are ineligible to accumulate Team Cup points AND members of that team are ineligible to accumulate Boyd Cup points. 

c. If two (2) or more members of a team are suspended at any one time, the entire team is ineligible to race.

d. The duration of Team/Boyd points ineligibility or inability to race shall be in effect for the duration of the suspension, commencing as of race for which the racer missed their original marshal duty until the suspension is resolved pursuant to the Marshaling Policy

e. Suspensions and associated penalties will be levied, communicated and lifted by the Teams and Marshal Directors. The suspended rider may request to complete additional club duties to resolve the suspension sooner, subject to the availability of such tasks and at the discretion of the Teams and Marshal Directors. A suspended rider may also cure their suspensions (and avoid marshal duty) by becoming or upgrading to a CRCA Donor Member.

f. Team Managers and individuals can check the status of suspended team members on the Suspensions page, on the roster published in advance of every club race, or by emailing Teams or Marshal Director.

g. If a member of the team is suspended from the previous year and remains on the roster for the current year, that member is still responsible for making up the date(s) before the team can earn Team/Boyd points (or compete in the case of double suspensions) in club races in the current year.

h. Suspensions follow the individual rider. So, if the suspended member leaves the team and joins another team, the new team shall be responsible for the rider's prior suspension.

8. Inclusion of CRCA in Team Name: All registration and publicity of sub-teams at club and open races shall include the name "Century Road Club Association" or "CRCA", as follows: "CRCA/Your Team Name".

9. Uniform Requirement:  No team may compete in a CRCA mass-start race as a team unless the entire team is wearing distinctive uniforms that comply with the following rules regarding CRCA logo placement:

a. All long and short-sleeved jerseys, jackets, and skinsuits must display the CRCA logo.

b. The CRCA logo must be placed on on both sleeves just below the shoulder area.

c. The official circular CRCA logo is the only logo that may be used for this purpose - please contact the Director of Teams for the logo.

d. The logo shall be at least 3.5 inches diameter (and the proportion of the design shall remain unchanged) and must be in a color with enough contrast to kit background such that it is visible and readily distinguishable in the peloton.  Graphics files will be provided to every sub-team to use in designing your kit.

e. No other logo or text shall be used to fulfill this requirement. In the event that a CRCA sub-team fails to comply with this rule, such team will be notified in writing of the violation and will be given 30 days to remedy the violation. If the violation is not remedied within 30 days, such team will not be permitted to compete in CRCA races and may be subject to further penalties as determined by the CRCA board. (USAC Racing Rule 1J5 (e) is incorporated into this Rule.)

10. Field limits for Sub-teams Racing in CRCA Club Races: the maximum number of team members for a given Club Race field is as follows below.

  • A-field: 10 racers, of whom only 7 can be Pro/UCI/Cat 1/Cat 2 licensed riders.

  • W-field: 10 racers

  • B-field: 10 racers

  • WD-field: no limit

  • C-field: no limit

Addendum 1: CRCA Code of Conduct. As a member of CRCA, I acknowledge that:

  • My participation in CRCA races is a privilege.

  • The privilege is dependent upon the ability of CRCA to hold races.

  • This privilege could be lost as a result of the actions of participants and marshals, including myself.

  • As a member of CRCA, I agree to:

    • Comply with all rules and directives of CRCA, USAC and USADA, including rules regarding fair competition.

    • Conduct myself in ways to ensure the safety of racers and other City Park users while marshaling.

    • Comply with the NYC Parks Department rules of conduct:

    • Never ride in the recreation or pedestrian only lane while racing in a City Park.

    • Never participate in dangerous group rides in City Parks such as the “night ride.”

    • Treat club members, racers, officials, park users, and the public, with respect and serve as a positive ambassador for CRCA.