Marshaling Policy

The NYC Parks Department requires CRCA to station marshals on race courses to ensure the safety of racers and other park users. Marshals are a highly visible part of CRCA operations, serving as ambassadors of the club. 

The role is absolutely critical to the success and safety of all club races - without marshals we would not be able to race in Central Park.  We expect all Season Pass and Racing members to share in our Club's marshaling obligations.

All questions not covered here should be addressed to the Marshal Director.


Racing and Season Pass members are expected to complete two (2) marshal credits each year. Donor, Associate, Junior and Lifetime members do not have to marshal. The CRCA Board reserves the right to change this policy if it determines that additional marshals are needed to meet the Club’s obligations.

Each Club Race and Open Race typically counts for one (1) marshal credit. Certain marshaling activities may count for double credit (e.g., Bear Mountain Classic) as communicated by the Marshal Director.

Racing and Season Pass members must sign up for their marshaling requirements in order to be eligible to participate in club races.

Volunteer Release Form

Marshals must print and complete the USAC Volunteer Release Form and bring it to your marshaling assignment.


Marshal date selection takes place during the CRCA membership purchase/renewal process.  

Once you have selected a marshal date, you cannot change that date until the minimum number of marshals is met for that date. If and when that minimum threshold is met, you can make a change. This is done through the “Manage Marshal Dates” tab in the members section of the website.

To ensure we meet marshal minimums, you will not be able to change a marshal date inside of two (2) weeks from the race date. If you cannot make that commitment, you are responsible for finding a substitute.

Marshal assignments will be published on the Marshal Assignments page at least one (1) month in advance of a race, and marshals should receive an e-mail reminder.

Ultimately, it is YOUR sole responsibility to keep track of and fulfill your marshal assignments.


Members may recruit teammates, other CRCA members, adult friends or relatives to serve as their substitute for the marshal duty commitment. 

Members may also pay someone to marshal for them. The arrangement between members and a paid marshal is a private business matter. It is not CRCA's nor the Marshal Director's obligation to help members find substitutes.

Members do not have to inform the Marshal Director when they use a substitute. However, members must instruct their substitutes to communicate to the Marshal Captain (e.g. Paulette) the member's name and any special reason for marshaling (e.g., “getting off suspension”), to ensure proper credit is recorded.

Members are responsible for all actions of their substitute. If a member’s substitute does not show up or fails to marshal properly (e.g., on the phone, shows up late or leaves early, etc.), that member will not receive marshal credit and all applicable penalties will apply.

Unless otherwise directed by the CRCA Board, members may always use a substitute to fulfill marshal obligations (i.e., to cover make-up, penalty and original marshal duties).  


Members who have motorcycles can be assigned as pace drivers. Please indicate on your membership renewal form if you are available to serve as a moto pacer, and coordinate available dates with Stephen Chang.


Members who miss a marshal date, for any reason, will be immediately suspended. A suspended member is not permitted to race in Club Races.

A suspended member who is inadvertently allowed to enter a club race will be disqualified, and forfeit results and winnings for that race. Additional penalties, to be determined by the CRCA Board, may also be imposed.

The suspension of members, who are part of a CRCA Sub-team, will also impact their team: 

  • a team with a suspended rider may not earn Team Cup points
  • a teammate of a suspended rider may not earn any Jim Boyd points
  • a team with two (2) or more suspended riders may not race 
  • a team with a rider who no-shows for marshal duty must forfeit another team member to serve as marshal for that race if there is a marshal deficit

Team Managers are responsible for ensuring that their team members comply with the marshaling policy.

Suspensions commence immediately upon failure to show up or adequately complete a marshal duty, and last until the suspension is cured.

double suspension

In the event you are suspended and miss your make-up marshal date, you will be double suspended, and assessed an extra marshaling date (penalty date) in addition to a rescheduled make-up date: 1) one date to cover the initial missed make-up date, and 2) an additional penalty date.

Suspension removal

Suspended members must complete their make-up marshaling date(s) before their suspension is lifted and they are eligible to race again.

Suspended members are responsible for making up all missed dates and must make arrangements in advance with the Marshal Director. If you show up the morning of a race to make-up a marshal date without having obtained prior approval from the Marshal Director, you run the risk of not receiving credit if we are at marshal capacity.

Suspensions carry over from the prior year. Members on the suspension list at the start of the present year may not race and will not be assigned new marshal dates until the suspension is made up.

Suspended members may request to complete additional club duties to resolve their suspension sooner, subject to the availability of such tasks and at the discretion of the Teams and Marshal Directors. A suspended member may also cure their suspensions (and avoid marshal duty) by becoming or upgrading to a CRCA Donor Member.