Race Rosters

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your license is showing as invalid, but you have renewed, you may not have filled out a required USA Cycling waiver.  This is unrelated to your CRCA waivers.  USA Cycling should have emailed you a link when you renewed.  If not, they should be able to provide it to you if you get in touch with them.  Once you sign it, our records will update with a day.

This page displays an automatically generated copy of the Race sign in sheet.  Please check your status and submit any changes to us at least three days before your next race.  This sheet is updated instantly with the latest changes from our membership database.

Names highlighted in yellow are ineligible to race because of license issues or because they are new racers that need to do a clinic. 

Names highlighted in purple need to submit their race waiver and marshal clearance.  You can do so by logging into the members site.  Your status will be updated as soon as the Membership Director approves the document.  We will try to do so within a day.

Names highlighted in red are SUSPENDED due to missing a marshal date.  Please contact marshal@crca.net for more information.

Any questions can be sent to the membership director at membership@crca.net.