The CRCA Jim Boyd Cup and the CRCA Team Cup are two of the most prestigious awards in New York City cycling. Comprised of the CRCA Club Series and the CRCA Open Racing Calendar the Jim Boyd Cup is awarded to the most outstanding male and female cyclist in CRCA. Similarly the Team Cup is awarded to the most outstanding CRCA sub-teams throughout the course of the season. The Jim Boyd Cup is named for longtime CRCA President Jim Boyd. 

Current standings for all CRCA Individual and Team Competitions are available under Results & Standings

Jim Boyd & Team Cup Rules

The Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s CRCA Boyd Cup is the highest honor awarded to CRCA racing members based on a season long points competition across a variety of courses and formats. The CRCA Elite Team Cup is awarded on a similar basis to the most successful CRCA sub-teams across a similar subset of races.

  • All club and open races are included in scoring for the Jim Boyd Cup and Team Cup Awards unless otherwise specified on the CRCA Racing Calendar. CRCA members will be scored separately for the Open Races. All Open Races (including a TT to be announced) are worth double points.
  • Boyd Cup and Team Cup points are awarded as follows, for Club Races places 1st- 7th: 10, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Open races receive double points and so the total is as follows for places 1st-7th: 20, 14, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. As stated the Open Races will feature separate scoring for CRCA members.
  • For the Team Cup, teams score points for their top two riders only. If additional riders from a team place, the points for those places are not counted toward calculating the Team Cup points.
  • The Team Cup will also include points from a Team Time Trial, if any, to be held as part of a CRCA affiliated time trial, if any, to be announced. CRCA members will be scored separately at any such competition and points will be awarded on an Open Race basis.
  • Only full Season Pass/Racing club members may score points for either competition. Associate members participating in open races cannot score points.
  • The champion for each competition will be the individual / team with the most points at the conclusion of the season. In the case of a tie, finishing position at the Club Race finale will determine the winner (for the team cup highest individual placing at that race will determine the winner).

CRCA Master's Series

The Master’s Boyd and Team Cups include at least seven races, including both Club and Open races. The CRCA Master's Series victor is the rider who scores the most points across those races with any tiebreaker determined by placing in the final race of the series. The CRCA Master's Series winner will be presented with a trophy at the end of season party. 

The Master’s Series will be scored using the same points system described above for the Men’s and Women’s Boyd Cup and Team Cup.

The races included in the Master’s competitions will include: all open races featuring an M40+ field, or a M35+ Master’s field at Grant's Tomb or Bear Mountain if applicable (lower age cut-off reflects NYS Championship Categories), all of the club race M40+ fields in Central Park and a CRCA affiliated Time Trial to be announced, if applicable. 

CRCA B-Field Team Cup

The CRCA B-Field Team Cup is awarded on the same basis as the Elite Men’s and Women’s Team Cups, but for the B/M4 fields.

Scoring is done on the same basis as the Elite Men’s and Women’s Team Cup, with the same races included in the competition.

For Open Races points will be scored in the M4 field. If no M4 field is offered points will instead be scored in the M4/5 field. For Club Races points will only be scored in the B field.

CRCA Most Improved Rider

Coming soon.

PAST Jim Boyd Cup Winners


2017: Aimee Layton

2016: Lucie Vagnerova

2015: Lisa Vandivort

2014: Victoria Brumfield

2013: BrittLee Bowman

2012: Raquel Miller

2011: Kristin Lotito

2010: Ann Marie Miller

2009: Ann Marie Miller

2008: Margaret Shirley

2007: Sarah Sauvayre

2006: Sarah Sauvayre

2005: Hannah Long


2017: Allan Rego

2016: Stalin Quiterio

2015: Michael Margarite

2014: Zachary Koop

2013: Zachary Koop

2012: Evan Murphy

2011: Ariel Mendez

2010: Dan Zmolik

2009: Lisban Quintero

2008: Alex Bremer

2007: Jeff King

2006: Ken Harris

2004: Alex Gulla

2017 CRCA Boyd Cup Award Winners Aimee Layton and Allan Rego received their award at the 2017 CRCA End of Season Party. Photos from the To Be Determined Journal End of Season Party and Roller Races Recap:

Past Team Cup Award Winners


2017: CityMD Women's Racing

2016: Rockstar Games Women's Racing

2015: CityMD Women's Racing



2017: NYCC p/b BGC Partners

2016: Foundation

2015: Weather Channel

2014: Foundation