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The Dave Jordan Central Park Classic is the most prestigious race held in Central Park. Named in honor of former CRCA President Dave Jordan, the race opens the trifecta of open races held mid-summer in Central Park: the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic, the Lou Maltese Memorial and the Mengoni Grand Prix. 

Dave Jordan Classic Sponsor

The Dave Jordan Central Park Classic continues to be supported by the Jordan Family, whose contributions help insure that the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic raises funds for the support of youth cycling in New York City via the Century Road Club Development Foundation.

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In addition this year's event is supported by Rapha, Metropolitan Dental Care, Design Within Reach, and Ride Brooklyn. 

2019 CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic

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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CRCA Dave Jordan Central park Classic

Excerpted from the To Be Determined Journal Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Race Report:

It was another special edition of the Century Road Club Association Dave Jordan Central Park Classic as the New York City cycling community came together to honor one of the city's cycling legends. 

With primes on offer on every lap, the racing was fast and furious throughout. Thankfully rain showers held off for nearly every field, though the juniors did wind up getting fairly soaked. As expected for the terrain, there were mostly field sprint finishes, though in the M3 a break snuck away.

As always, a big thank you to the volunteers of CRCA for organizing the race, the Dave Jordan Family for supporting the event, and all of the officials and staff that helped keep things running smoothly this morning.  

Racers in action at the 2017 Dave Jordan Central Park Classic. (Photo from the  To Be Determined Journal Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Race Report )

Racers in action at the 2017 Dave Jordan Central Park Classic. (Photo from the To Be Determined Journal Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Race Report)

About Dave Jordan

Dave Jordan was an accomplished rider who shared his knowledge of the sport, passion for the camaraderie, competition, and thrill of the race with hundreds of athletes. Dave was a competitive, driven cyclist who stood on more than 200 podiums, and coached many others to similar success over his 20 year career. He was dedicated to bringing out the best in his team and known for believing in the potential for everyone to find their next level. The Dave Jordan Racing team continues on developing riders to their highest potential in honor of Dave, a true ambassador of cycling. He was dedicated to life, laughter, his family, and a day on the bike. Dave passed away from complications of a brain tumor in July 2012.

Dave started racing bicycles when he 11 years old. He began competing on bicycle motocross (BMX) bikes back in 1979 and entered road racing and multi-sport events in 1987. In that year he joined Century Road Club Cycling Association (CRCA), where he steadily improved his racing skills, progressing from a Category 4 racer to a Category 1 road racer, and Category 2 track racer within a few years. He eventually won eight New York State Championships. He was a diverse and an exceptional all-around rider, winning in events such as the Team Time Trial (TTT), Individual Time Trial, and Road Race, as well as track events like Points, Pursuit, and Team Sprint competitions.

Dave Jordan celebrating a victory in Central Park in the classic CRCA Club kit (Photo from the  Dave Jordan Racing website )

Dave Jordan celebrating a victory in Central Park in the classic CRCA Club kit (Photo from the Dave Jordan Racing website)

In 2000 and 2001, at the Masters National Championships, Dave was a three time medalist in Criterium, Points, and Pursuit. During his competitive racing days, Dave raced on more than a dozen race teams in the US and Europe. He represented the US National Cycling Team in Panama (1994), and twice in the Dominican Republic (1991, 1995), providing support for teammates that won stages and the General Classification. He also raced for elite amateur cycling clubs in Brussels, Belgium (1989) and Châlons-sur-Marne, France (1991). 

Dave was an expert in bike fitting, performance testing, and coaching programs. As a cycling coach, he worked with top road, track, mountain, and triathlon professionals. Dave coached riders to Masters World and National Championships, to Collegiate National Championships (Western Washington University), and he helped local and regional racers to many victories and category upgrades. He coached both men’s and women’s teams and developed junior riders into accomplished racers. He coached Jill Kinter in her pursuit for National, World Championships and Olympic bronze medals in 2005 and 2006. Dave also coached and further developed the New York University (NYU) Cycling Program in seasons 2006 and 2007. Dave was President of CRCA, the largest cycling club in the US and was bike consultant, along with Nate Loyal, on the feature film “Premium Rush.” 

Among all of his accomplishments in cycling, Dave is remembered foremost as an incredible family man, dedicated father to his children Isabel and Magnus, and great friend. Dave’s coaching knowledge, style, leadership and passion for the sport lives on through the efforts of his team, Dave Jordan Racing.

Dave Jordan, former CRCA President and mentor to countless New York City based cyclists. (Photo from the  Dave Jordan Racing website )

Dave Jordan, former CRCA President and mentor to countless New York City based cyclists. (Photo from the Dave Jordan Racing website)

Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Champions


  • 2018: Elvys Noel Reyes

  • 2017: Carlos Mata

  • 2016: Adam Alexander

  • 2015: Scott Savory

  • 2014: Adam Alexander

  • 2013: Rodrigo Echeverri Conde


  • 2018: Kristen Faulkner

  • 2017: Colleen Gulick

  • 2016: Jaime Nicholson-Leener

  • 2015: Masha Schneider

  • 2014: Camie Kornely

  • 2013: Amy Cutler

CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Technical Guide


Central Park: Please be respectful of Central Park and other Park users before, during and after the race. Do not litter - use labeled trash receptacles.

The safety of our racers and other Park users is paramount:

  • Do not ride on Park paths other than the main Park Drives loop.

  • Do not ride against the flow of traffic - this includes pre- and post-race! Counter-clockwise riding along the main loop only.

  • Do not ride in the recreation/jogger lane along the inside of the main Park Drives loop. THIS LANE IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

  • Violation of any of the above will result in race disqualification.

Rider Conduct: Unless specific exceptions are noted in this Technical Guide, this race is governed by the USA Cycling Rulebook.  The Chief Referee may impose/increase any fines or penalties according to the gravity of the offense. Monetary fines issued to riders or teams are to be paid directly to USA Cycling.

Helmets: Per USAC rule 1J1, riders are required to wear a securely fastened helmet at all times while riding a bicycle (does not apply to riding rollers/trainers during warm-up). This rule is in effect at all times for all competitors from the opening of registration through the final awarding of prizes.

Junior Rollout: Per USAC rule 1I4, ALL Juniors (regardless of category) must report to rollout immediately after finishing. Rollout will take place at the finish line area. Penalties for failing to report to rollout or failure to meet gearing requirements are at the discretion of the Chief Referee and Race Director.

Bathrooms: While we make every effort to request the Parks Department open restrooms prior to the start of racing, we cannot guarantee their availability in the morning. Please plan accordingly. Urinating and/or defecating on Parks property will not be tolerated and you will be subject to State and/or City laws including a fine, disqualification from the race, and a ban from participation in future CRCA events. Bathrooms are located just behind the Rambles Shed Parking Lot. See the interactive Central Park map below.

Results: Results will be posted at the Rambles Shed Parking Lot shortly after the finish of your race. After results have been posted, racers will have a 15 minute protest period. After the protest period, results will be final. Full results will be posted to USAC. It is the racer's responsibility to verify their result during the protest period.  Results will not be changed afterwards.

Race Numbers: Racers will be provided with TWO (2) numbers.  Numbers must be pinned on the RIGHT SIDE and LOWER BACK of the riders jersey over pockets.  Incorrect placement of numbers may lead to incorrect/missing results.


The interactive Race Map below shows relevant points of interest for CRCA Central Park races. Zoom in and hover your pointer over each icon to see location details.

DO NOT ENTER THE REC LANE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. For safety reasons the rec/joggers lane is strictly off limits and infractions are subject to automatic disqualification, and for CRCA members, suspension from the Club.


The race will start at the crosswalk on Cat’s Paw Hill pictured below. All riders must be lined up at least 10 minutes prior to race start for final instructions from race officials. Please be respectful of other riders on the line and do not ‘cut’ to the front of the field. The start order of each field will be as indicated on Bikereg.

Cat's Paw Start Line


Due to construction, registration will be staged in the Loeb Boathouse Parking lot just south of Cat’s Paw. It is VITALLY important that riders do not ride backwards (clockwise) on Park Drives and do not ride on pedestrian paths before, during or after races. Infractions are subject to automatic disqualification and suspension from the club.

There is no day of registration for this race. All registration must be completed in advance via Bikereg. If you have questions about registration please contact 

  • Check-in will open at ~4:40AM and will close 15 minutes prior to race start.

  • Any pre-reg'd riders who have not checked in by 15 minutes prior to race start may not be allowed to race.

  • Do not place your bike on the grass. Use the provided bike racks

  • Do not ride on pedestrian paths towards registration or the bathrooms. DISMOUNT YOUR BIKE AND WALK. Parks Department employees will be on site and monitoring for infractions.

  • After checking in and getting your race numbers, racers should drop their bags in the Rambles Parking Lot, use restrooms as needed (just behind Rambles Parking Lot), and begin lining up at the start line. See the interactive Central Park Map above to see indicators for each location.

RACE Instructions

The Race will be neutral until Engineer’s Gate (East Drive at 90th Street). See the interactive Central Park Map above.

Fields will likely pass one another during the race. Fields being passed will be neutralized to the right of the Racing Lane. Passing fields will use the appropriate left side of the Racing Lane. Do not move into the Rec Lane.

  • Never pass your lead moto. Passing the lead moto will result in an immediate disqualification.

  • If you are dropped from your field please move to the side of the road when you are passed by other fields, but never enter the Rec Lane!

podium and prize PAYOUTS

  • Top prize money 10 deep, M/W, P1/2

  • Winners jersey produced by Rapha

  • Gamblers Prime $300 sponsored by Metropolitan Dental Group (MDI)

  • Bonus prizes sponsored by Design Within Reach and Ride Brooklyn

See Bikereg for details.

Podiums and prize payout will take place in the Rambles Shed Parking Lot following the
conclusion of all racing. We encourage racers to watch other finishes. However, please stay clear of the Racing & Rec Lanes and DO NOT RIDE BACKWARDS ON THE COURSE!

Racers must be present for the podium ceremony to receive prizes. Racers not present will forfeit their prizes.

Depending on size of payout, certain riders should be prepared to provide their SSN for tax purposes before receiving their payout.

Racers in action at the 2017 Dave Jordan Central Park Classic. (Photo from the  To Be Determined Journal Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Race Report )

Racers in action at the 2017 Dave Jordan Central Park Classic. (Photo from the To Be Determined Journal Dave Jordan Central Park Classic Race Report)