Join or Renew CRCA Membership

Stay tuned for 2018 Registration

Becoming a member of the CRCA gives you access to an extensive calendar of member-only events, including our season-long free Coaching Program and 12-race Club Series in Central Park. Club races are open to members only. Races are run over a variety of distances in a scratch or points format, and incorporate different finishes. In addition to these on-the-bike events the Club organizes various social events throughout the year. 

CRCA offers four membership options providing different levels of access to rides, events, coaching sessions, and races. CRCA strongly encourages potential members to consider a Season Pass membership. The Season Pass offers the best value for multiple races, and includes access to the series-long waiver, which speeds up registration lines on race mornings. CRCA has also greatly improved the value of Donor membership. Donor members are a vital source of financial support for the club, and receive various exclusive perks. See additional details under How CRCA Works.

For any questions regarding membership please contact the Director of Membership.

New to Racing? Important reference points

Just getting started?  If you are new to racing, check out USA Cycling for some useful + easy to read information! CRCA also hosts a comprehensive coaching program and race clinics to help improve handling skills, fitness and race experience. 

In addition To Be Determined's checklist from the 2017 CRCA New Rider Information Session session is a great reference point for anyone looking for a guide to getting into racing. Stay tuned for information on the date of the 2018 CRCA New Rider Information Session. 

Also don't forget to read How CRCA Works before joining the club!