CRCA Board Meeting Minutes



Time and Date:           7:00PM – 9:00PM, March 7, 2017

Location:                     Offices of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher at 200 Park Avenue, New York, New York

Attendees:                   The following members of the Board, constituting a quorum of the Board, were present in person or telephonically:

Gabrielle Fisher – President
Tara Parsons – Vice President of Rider Development
Julius Quito – Vice President of Racing
Fred David – Secretary
Ken Edwards – Treasurer
Daniel Goldberg – Communications Director
Jeff Young – Public Relations Director
Madeleine Pascolini Campbell – Membership Director
David Moss – Marshal Director
Hank Greenberg – Director of Teams
Ted Teyber – Director of Open Racing

Absentees:                  None

Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Racing Series:

·       March 4 Club Race Debrief:

o   Feedback from NYC Parks:

§  Marshal issues:

§  NYC Parks and CPC are closely watching our marshal process.

§  Marshals missing from certain key points in park. System for tracking marshals makes difficult to determine which marshals were not in the correct spot. David has prepared a new chart to better track marshals by the location to which they are assigned. To be implemented at future race in Central Park.

§  Quality of marshals also could be improved. David to bring print outs of marshaling guide to future races in order to be able to provide copies to all marshals (rather than relying on marshals reading the guide online in advance).

§  Check-in process for marshals requires optimization.

§  Gabby to reach out to Matthew re: setting up email inbox for marshal waivers (to allow marshals to submit waivers prior to race morning).

§  CRCA racers riding backwards on Park Loop Road and riding on paths / sidewalks:

§  CRCA rules call for any rider riding backwards on Park Loop Ride or riding on paths / sidewalks to be disqualified. This rule is to be emphasized in upcoming races. Dan to email members prior to the next Club Race to re-emphasize this rule. David to emphasize to Paulette / marshals that marshals should be recording the number of any rider seen riding backwards or on paths and to report that number to Paulette or a race official. Board to also enforce this rule by calling out and reporting to Alex R or another official for disqualification any rider seen riding backwards or on paths.

§  Julius to talk to Charlie Issendorf re: how he handles this in Prospect Park, including whether riders caught doing so are suspended for one future race in addition to being DQ’d from that day’s race.

o   Results: Alex R said camera was in a mode that made hard to read results from C field. Point of emphasis to ensure this problem is not repeated.

o   Trailer: Needs to be cleaned out ASAP. Julius to reach out to Alex R. re: availability to assist. Hank to find a team to assist for team duty credit.

Open Racing

·       Grant’s Tomb Criterium:

o   Generally on track to have all open items finalized in time for Saturday’s race.

o   Over 700 racers registered. Lower revenue than 2016 due to more pre-registrations.

o   Tara/Ted to coordinate e-mail to clinic participants regarding meeting before 8AM clinic. Tara to hire additional coach for clinic if necessary.

o   Food Trucks: Wafles & Dinges confirmed. Ted talking to other food trucks about coming.

o   Publicity: Jeff to reach out to NYT re: write-up.

·       Orchard Beach Criterium:

o   To be held May 7.

o   CRCA still looking for a title sponsor.

o   Still waiting for permit to be approved by NYC Parks.

o   Possible that fields (Juniors / Masters) will get cut due to time restrictions imposed by NYC Parks.

o   Ted to reach out to Tomi re: best option for selling poster memorializing Zach Koop at OB. (Past attempts to sell posters over BikeReg have not yielded many sales).

o   Prizes / Swag: Gabby to reach out to Chomper for goods to give out to prizes. Ted to talk to Per from RBNY re: the same.

·       Bear Mountain Classic:

o   CRCA still looking for a title sponsor.

§  Ken/Ted to talk to Jordan family to gauge interest in sponsoring Bear Mountain.

§  Julius to reach out to marketing contacts for potential sponsor leads.

Donors + Sponsorship

·       Lucarelli & Castaldi: Jeff reached out to L&C to discuss expectations in connection with club race series sponsorship. Board to ensure that at all club races (1) L&C tent and business cards are set up and (2) announcements re: L&C are made. All references on website to the club race series now include reference to L&C.

o   Julius to send NYC Parks contract to Jeff to confirm what promotions are permitted before/during/after club races.

·       Hincapie: Jeff having discussions with Hincapie re: hosting a ride + dinner for CRCA Donor Members with George Hincapie as part of Hincapie sponsorship of Maltese and Mengoni races.

·       Donor Membership: Jeff continuing to explore ways to codify donor process and make it more attractive/offer better value. Gabby to put Jeff in touch with Olivia from Specialized.


·       Currently 69 remaining unfilled marshaling spots for 2017. 38 are in the new August 19 race date that replaced the Turkey Race after NYC Parks declined to give CRCA a November race date.

o   CRCA has budgeted for paying up to 50 marshal substitutes in 2017, so likely not an issue.

·       Marshal pages on Gabby to follow up with Nick for marshal assignments and marshal suspensions.

Communications (deferred at February meeting)

·       Dan creating mailchimp account to allow better formatting of emails (including adding sponsor logos) and longer distribution lists than allowed on “emailer” on

·       Monthly communication calendar: Dan to initiate process whereby Board submits all proposed emails/social media posts for entire month in advance to allow sufficient time to schedule and plan out those posts.

Finance + Accounting

·       No risks / major issues.


·       Coffee/Bagels after Club Races:

o   Scheduled for at least three dates: June 18, September 2 and one date TBD.

o   (Cost to CRCA for coffee/bagels is $750 per race.)

·       Rapha has offered to host end of season race. Hank has confirmed that Rapha expects to have a liquor license by end of season.

·       Group Rides:

o   Gabby to check with USAC to determine whether insurance / waivers are necessary.

§  Tara to set up dates on MindBody account once determined.

o   Rides may be held on race dates. May be held on other weekend dates.

o   5 planned so far (April, May, June, July, August).


·       Maddy to reach out to Randy regarding updating macro for roster list.

Rider Development / Coaching

·       Skills sessions have been fully subscribed. Added additional sessions. Doing best to accommodate all new riders. Long-term Board needs to consider allocating funds to allow hiring additional coaches and hosting additional sessions.


·       Preliminary discussions underway regarding upgrading database / back-end of Researching “out-of-box” options.