CRCA Series Standings after L&C Club Race #7

With a series of race conflicts this past weekend turnout for Club Series Race #7 was light but there are a busy few weeks coming up with another Club Series race this weekend followed by double points at the upcoming Lou Maltese Club Championship (part of the CRCA Club Series) and the CRCA Tour de Fort Lee Criterium (an open race).

Full standings are always available here: Results & Standings while the rules for the various competitions are available here: CRCA Awards. And if you want to participate in any of these competitions make sure to Join CRCA!

Jim Boyd Cup

In the Men's Jim Boyd Cup competition leader Allen Rego was absent this weekend which allowed Stalin Quiterio to close the gap slightly with 5 points earned, dropping Victor Gras from the podium in the process (53 points). There are still plenty of points on offer for the rest of the season so anything can yet happen in this series

  1. Allan Rego - 74
  2. Scott Savory - 54
  3. Stalin Quiterio - 54

On the Women's side the entire podium scored zero points this past weekend but all three had sufficient lead to retain their current positions in the standings. The next three riders in the standings - Fabienne Gerard, Lisa Vandivort and Sarah Sauvayre all scored points and remain well within range of the podium though Kristin Faulkner retains a commanding lead. 

  1. Kristin Faulkner - 76
  2. Erica Adelberg - 56
  3. Sarah Sjoman - 50

Team Cup

While Jamison Capital may have been dominant with a 1-2 performance at the Mengoni Grand Prix, Foundation came right back with a 1-2-3 performance at the most recent Club Series race. Scoring the maximum possible 17 points they closed the gap to Jamison meaningfully going into a busy three week stretch of racing. 

  1. Jamison Capital - 144
  2. Foundation - 113
  3. Rockstar Games - 85

On the women's side Dave Jordan Racing scored 0 points for the first time since the Bear Mountain Classic, allowing Radical Media and CityMD to inch closer though the point differentials remain quite significant.

  1. Dave Jordan Racing - 138
  2. Radical Media - 118
  3. CityMD Women's Racing - 88

B-Field Competitions

Romain Leidelinger remains the B-Field Series Leader as all of the point scorers in this past weekend's Club Series race were well down the standings. While there are 80 points on offer to any rider who sweeps the remaining races in the B-Field competition, passing Romain remains a big ask for these new contenders. 

  1. Romain Leidelinger - 60
  2. Conor Delanbanque - 57
  3. James Krizan - 30

While Good Guys Racing got off to a dominant start of the season we officially have our first new leader in the B-Field Team Competition since the race season began as NYCC took home the maximum 17 points this past weekend to assume the lead by a single point. Rapha did not score points this past weekend and remains on the third step of the podium. 

  1. NYCC Racing - 119
  2. Good Guys Racing - 118
  3. Rapha Cycling Club - 85

Masters Series

The Masters Series Leader competition has been a close fight between Constantin Schreiber and Michael Sambrano through most of the year and with a second place finish this past weekend Michael is now the leader in the competition for the first time.

  1. Michael Sambrano - 45
  2. Constantin Schreiber - 40
  3. Robert Lattanzi - 20