CRCA Series Standings after L&C Club Race #9

With the Tour de Fort Lee Criterium now in the rear view mirror and CRCA's Open Racing Calendar done for the year double points are officially over for the various CRCA competitions. Several series competitions have been decided but there are still three Club races left this season with enough points on offer to shake up a few of the awards. Read on for the full details.

Full standings are always available here: Results & Standings while the rules for the various competitions are available here: CRCA Awards. And if you want to participate in any of these competitions make sure to Join CRCA!

Jim Boyd Cup

After scoring points at both Fort Lee and Club Series Race #9 Allan Rego looks to have solidified his lead in the Men's Jim Boyd Cup standings. Victor Gras has been mathematically eliminated from taking home the prestigious Jim Boyd Cup leaving Stalin Quiterio as the sole rider that could prevent Allan from a repeat win. But with 23 points separating them and a maximum of 30 points on offer to the winner of the three remaining Club races it is a big gap to bridge.

  1. Allan Rego - 85
  2. Stalin Quiterio - 62
  3. Victor Gras - 55

On the Women's side the competition remains closer with a number of racers still mathematically in contention for the win. The hardest fought battle however seems to be between the two Dave Jordan teammates at the top of the standings after Sarah Sjoman took home the maximum 20 points at Fort Lee to close her gap to Kristin Faulkner to just six points. However, rumor has it that both Kristin and Sarah moved out of NYC, so can Erica or someone else overcome the points gap in the few remaining races to take home the trophy? 

  1. Kristin Faulkner - 76
  2. Sarah Sjoman - 70
  3. Erica Adelberg - 64

Team Cup

After bringing out their UCI team to recent Club Series races and the Fort Lee Criterium Foundation has officially taken the lead in the Team Cup, dethroning Jamison Capital who led the competition since the start of the season. In fact their gap is now large enough that Foundation looks likely to take home the Team Cup absent a huge performance from Jamison Capital to close out the year. Rockstar Games remains in third but has faded from challenging for the lead.

  1. Foundation - 184
  2. Jamison Capital - 155
  3. Rockstar Games - 100

Dave Jordan Racing has all but sealed up victory in the Women's Team Cup thanks to their recent points haul at Fort Lee and Club Race #9. The battle for second place is hard fought between Radical Media and CityMD Women's Racing but it would be all but impossible for either team to close the gap required to take home the win.

  1. Dave Jordan Racing - 177
  2. Radical Media - 126
  3. CityMD Women's Racing - 124

B-Field Competitions

Romain Leidelinger remains the B-Field Series Leader but is unable to score additional points since he has upgraded to Category 3, similar to second place competitor Conor Delanbanque. This leaves Dieter Elgi within reach of taking home the B-Field Series Leader competition if he performs well in the final 3 Club Races of the year - he trails by 20 points and 30 points will go to the winner of the final three races.

  1. Romain Leidelinger - 60
  2. Conor Delanbanque - 57
  3. Dieter Egli - 40

In the B-Field Team Competition with upgrades moving most of their competitors leaders out of contention NYCC Racing's large roster is paying dividends as they have taken home points in each of the past three races to all but insure they will take home the B-Field Team Competition at the end of the year. Good Guys Racing could technically surpass NYCC if they scored maximum points in each of the remaining races but the odds are very long on that coming to pass.

  1. NYCC Racing - 160
  2. Good Guys Racing - 122
  3. Rapha Cycling Club - 100

Masters Series

Michael Sambrano has locked up the Masters Series win following his points haul at the Maltese Club Championships which gave him a 19-point lead in the Series. With just one race left in the Masters Series (August 18th) none of his competitors can close the gap and he will take home the trophy at the end of season party.

  1. Michael Sambrano - 59
  2. Constantin Schreiber - 40
  3. Justin Inglis - 29