CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (January 2018)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held its January Board Meeting via video conference on Monday January 15. Minutes from that meeting, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below.

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Matthew Vandivort, Secretary, or any CRCA Board Member.

CRCA Board Meeting - January 15 2018


  • Meeting held via Zoom Video Conference
  • Attendees:
    • President - Gabby
    • VP Rider Development - Tara
    • VP Racing - Julius
    • Treasurer - Ken
    • Marshaling - Tony
    • Communications - Dan
    • Public Relations - Jeff
    • Membership - Randy
    • Open Racing - Ted
    • Teams - Lucia
    • Secretary - Matt
  • Absentees:
    • None

Meeting Minutes

  • Website Update Workflow
    • Marshaling and sponsorship work underway - Feb 1 deadline
    • Women’s Development Series to be updated post sponsorship information
    • Google calendar to be updated - MV/TP to discuss coaching schedule posting
    • Lucia to work on Privacy Policy as site is currently missing
  • Board Communication Policies / Strategies
    • Continuing to refine Slack communication - MV to update slack channels
    • Tag specific users if there is information that requires review or member weigh-in
    • Voting to be done via conference call / video conference
  • Kit Redesign Process
    • Stick with the existing kit design for the time being - MV to coordinate with Hincapie
    • Aim to complete a redesign process later this year for 2019 season
    • Donor jerseys will be sunset for 2018
    • Both blue and yellow kits will be available for all CRCA members
  • Club Racing Update
    • Registration to be a team duty, further discussion to come with Lucia 
    • Update on results service for club race series - waiting for details from service provider
    • Final documentation for the club series in process - Gabby to do workers comp
    • Trailer clean-up is on the schedule for this weekend
    • Julius to continue chasing moto data.  This is blocking completion of Parks permit.
  • Membership Update
    • Number distribution: next item in the workflow, update to follow shortly
    • Opportunity to recruit new members at open races - future discussion
    • Very significant update to the back-end of the website: improved payment security, etc
    • Staging site to test the sign-up process to be activated this week - full Board to test
    • Consider eliminating donor jerseys from the donor offering to streamline workflow
  • Rider development
    • Discussion of scheduling - February schedule will be available when membership opens
    • Exploring the potential to add new coaches to the pool of available coaches
    • Women’s Development Series Jerseys to be researched in context of sponsorship
  • Open Racing
    • Grant Tomb’s approvals being finalized - documentation is fully underway
    • Board vote to approve May 20th date for Orchard Beach
  • Public Relations
    • ROKA deal signed for 2 years for Grant’s Tomb Sponsorship - presented by
    • Contracts to go to Ken for record keeping, to discuss prizes with Ted
    • Updates on several other in progress sponsorship discussions
  • Marshaling
    • Need to determine whether to increase marshaling counts, particularly for end of season
    • Discussion to continue offline regarding these numbers
  • Finance 
    • Confident that the budget put forward is the working budget for 2018
    • Remaining items: hired marshals if we are unable to fill the required slots
    • Taxes are being completed - donor letters to be emailed by end of January
  • Teams
    • Initial communication has gone out to all of the existing team managers
    • USAC/CRCA database being updated as team information comes in
    • Aiming to improve the accuracy/information flow around team duties
  • Other initiatives
    • Discussion of Tailwind Membership promotion - DG/RL to pursue
  • Extended Marshalling discussion
    • Teams with suspended members = cannot earn Team Cup or Jim Boyd points 
    • Teams with no-show marshals day of race = required to forfeit rider to marshal
    • Teams with two members suspended = teams suspended from racing
    • Allow members to upgrade to donor membership to clear the suspended list 
    • Tony to work on the board assignments to calculate the expected capacity
    • Marshaling portion of to be completely re-written with updated guidelines


These minutes are considered to be in draft form pending approval from the full CRCA Board at the next meeting.