CRCA Series Standings after Club Race #3

We have a break in the CRCA Competitions this coming weekend, but Race #4 in the Lucarelli & Castaldi CRCA Club Series will be on Saturday, April 21st.

Full standings are always available here: Results & Standings while the rules for the various competitions are available here: Jim Boyd & Team Cup. If you want to participate in any of these competitions make sure to Join CRCA!

Jim Boyd Cup

In the Men's Jim Boyd Cup, after an impressive win on Saturday, Vic Gras of Rockstar Games is now tied with Stalin Quiterio of Dave Jordan Racing for the lead (26 pts each). Scott Savory (20 pts) of Jamison Capital - Cannondale stills holds on to that 3rd place spot with all the points he earned from his Grants Tomb Crit (and double Boyd point) victory. Chad Butts (15pts) of NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners, Ross Baldwin (12pts) & Allan Rego (10pts) both of Jamison Capital - Cannondale, are in the proverbial chase group, but still with more than a 10 point deficit to the leaders. Mike Margarite (7pts) finally makes his first appearance on the leader board after his 2nd place finish last weekend, but is still a far cry from the top 3. 

For the Women's Boyd Cup, Caryl Gale (20pts) of Breakaway Courier still holds the lead from her Grant's Tomb Crit result, but only by 1 point. Breathing down her neck, are veteran CRCA women's field racers who have been consistently scoring in the top 10 this year, and they're all within striking distance of the lead: Stephanie Thompson (19pts) of Rockstar Games, Lisa Vandivort (18pts) of CityMD Racing, Erica Adelberg (17pts) of Radical Media, and Lucia Deng (15pts) of CityMd Racing. Newcomer to the bike racing scene, but a dominating one nonetheless, Kristen Faulkner (17pts) of Dave Jordan Racing initiated a break with her teammate, Sarah Sjoman, which became the winning move last weekend, launching Kristen to victory and Sarah to 3rd. The Women's Club field will be an exiting one to watch next week. Who will take home the leaders jersey?!

Team Cup

In the Men's Team Cup, Jamison Capital-Cannondale (44 pts) is still in the lead this week despite not earning any team points last weekend, while Rockstar Games Racing (33 points) has overtaken Dave Jordan Racing (26 pts) for 2nd place. In a close 4th place, however, is NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners (25 points), and knowing the firepower contained in that squad, expect a fierce battle to the top. 

In the Women's Team Cup, Michelle Carroll's 2nd place finish in the last Club Series race added to CityMD Racing's commanding lead (40 pts). However, the season is long and teams are strong, so don't count out Breakaway Courier (25pts), Dave Jordan Racing (23pts), Rockstar Games (22 pts), and Radical Media (22 points). We expect to see each of these teams chip away at the lead in the coming weeks.

B-Field Competitions

In the new B-Field Series Leader competition Conor Delanbanque (37 pts) of Good Guys Racing p/b HighwaterWomen and Jonathan Trevett (24pts) of Team still hold on to 1st and 2nd place respectively, despite not racing last week. Tied for 3rd place (10pts each) are Emmett Gross of RBNY Racing-Verge Sport, Henning Schober of NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners, and Michael Tan of Good Guys Racing. It seems that the next couple of Open Races at Orchard Beach Crit and Bear Mountain Classic (double points) will likely shake up the B Field leader board.

For the always competitive B-Field Team Competition Good Guys Racing p/b HighWaterWomen (52pts) added to their a commanding lead, and are followed by Team (26 points) and NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners (24 points), with RBNY Racing -Verge Sport (21 points) in a close 4th place.