Are you pinning your number correctly?

One of the most significant contributors to delayed, inaccurate and missing results is an obscured or improperly positioned race number. Follow this guide below to ensure you are positioning and pinning your race number correctly so that our finish line camera & team can properly capture and score you in race results.

For CRCA Club Races, the default number positioning is RIGHT SIDE and BACK CENTER (over your jersey pockets). The side number is for viewing from the side of the road, and the back center is for viewing from behind.

First, here are some examples of WRONG placement

Which numbers above are legible? (c) Cycling Skills

Correct Race Number Pinning Technique

1. for side numbers, Line up the bottom of your race number with the front seam of your jersey's side panel. 

Lay your unzipped jersey flat with the side panel running horizontally. Line up the bottom of your side-facing race number with the side panel seam closest to the front of your jersey. It may look strange from this perspective, but once you are wearing the jersey in riding position, this method will generally ensure your race number is positioned right side up and readable by the scorers.

2. Push safety pin through your number and jersey together, and then back out through your jersey and number. 

The most secure method of pinning is to push the pin through both number and jersey layers twice. Do not pin with only one end of the pin through the number and out through the jersey. If there are pre-punched holes in the race number, ignore those: do not pin through the race number holes.

3. Use at least 6 pins PER NUMBER.

To ensure your number stays put and lays flat, also reducing aerodynamic drag, you should be using at least one pin for each corner, and at least 2 more, one for the front-facing side, and one for the top or bottom side of your number. Use 8 pins if you want to get all 4 corners and all 4 sides! The flatter your number lays against your body, the less chance it will act as a parachute while you're racing and rip loose or flap around.

4. Secure long hair so that it does not obstruct your number.

Per USAC rule (1J7.(b)), riders with long hair should take care to secure it in a bun, braid or some other method so as to not obstruct your number while racing. A ponytail isn't always sufficient if you have really long hair! 






Some additional #protips

- Keep a stash of the "good" pins.

In addition to reducing waste, ensure you always have a handful of good sturdy pins to reuse, by saving them and keeping them with your CRCA numbers. Avoid those flimsy pins that are sometimes offered in a box at check-in. They can disintegrate during the race and cause a tire or skin puncture hazard.

- Don't wash your pins with the laundry.

To prevent rust stains, excessive pin wear, and potential loss of a number in a washing machine (yes this has allegedly happened), remove your number/pins before washing your jersey. 

- Avoid pinning over mesh panels, pinning through your baselayer, and pinning pockets closed.

To save your expensive team jersey from looking like swiss cheese, avoid pinning through any mesh portions of your jersey; aim for the seams instead. Take care to pin only through the top jersey layer and avoid pinning through any baselayers. This helps when you're rushing to use the bathroom before your race too! Finally, don't render your jersey pockets useless by pinning them closed - you'll want to be able to access that gel during your race.

- If you're not sure, ask for help!

We've all been there. So, do not hesitate to ask someone next to you to double-check that your number is pinned correctly, and lend a hand.

Following the above steps will help to prevent delays in the posting of CRCA results and also reduce errors overall. Finally, we leave you with this delightful video to help sum everything up. Happy number pinning!

Courtesy of Ken Kimari & NCNCA