Final Instructions for the CRCA Lucarelli & Castaldi Bear Mountain Classic

The 2018 CRCA Lucarelli & Castaldi Bear Mountain Classic takes place on Saturday. Final instructions for all participants and spectators follows below. A special thank you to our event sponsors: Lucarelli & Castaldi and Jamison Capital. Without their financial support the Bear Mountain Classic would not be possible due to the significant expense structure for the race. 

Final Race Instructions

Please review the Technical Guide on the Bear Mountain Classic Race Page for full instructions and information on the race. Key excerpts follow below:

  • When driving to the venue please use Exits 14 and 15 from the Palisades Interstate Parkway and Kanawauke Road to access the race village (there is a map in the race guide). This is important as it minimizes traffic crossing the finish line while racing is underway.
  • The race is never won on the Lake Welch Drive descent into the U-turn onto the Tiorati climb but it can certainly be lost with a crash. Please use caution on this portion of the course. 
  • There will NOT be a food truck on site as was the case in prior years (due to a schedule conflict). As a replacement CRCA will be providing bagels and coffee to racers in the morning and pizza in the afternoon (timed approximately with the conclusion of each wave of racing). 
  • The centerline rule is in effect throughout the race when there is two way traffic (the finish line is one way traffic only and both lanes may be used). Riders will be disqualified for violating the yellow lane rule. 
  • The feedzone is only available for the third wave of races (M12, M3, W123). If you are providing a feed for racers do not park on the roads in the park! Information about the feedzone location will be in the email distributed to all racers.
  • SRAM Neutral support will be provided for the first three fields in each wave of races ONLY.
  • There is no sprint/KOM competition at this year's race.