Mengoni Grand Prix p/b Hincapie Race Predictions

The famous Mengoni Grand Prix p/b Hincapie will roll off tomorrow morning at 5:30AM with 344 racers on the start line in Central Park.  If you haven't already read the race instructions, including detail on Friday night's early number pickup, CLICK HERE. A link to the technical guide is also available via that page. 

The Mengoni Grand Prix is named after long time cyclist and cycling supporter Fred Mengoni. For many years Fred supported not just the race that bears his name but a wide swath of elite and professional cyclists. He will always be one of the biggest names in New York City cycling. As Velonews wrote

His lasting impact is measured across generations. He backed the GS Mengoni team in the 1980s, which helped such riders as Steve Bauer, Leonard Nitz and Doug Shapiro, among others, start their racing careers. Mengoni was also an early backer of Greg LeMond, and the pair remained friends for life. The 1990s version of the team was key to starting the careers of George Hincapie and Mike McCarthy among others in the New York City racing scene.

Sadly this will be the first edition of the Mengoni Grand Prix held since Fred's passing earlier this year. We thank Fred for all of his contributions to the sport and continue to host this race, one of the longest standing in New York City, in his honor. 

As for the race predictions we pulled up the Road Results Race Predictor to get a sense for what is on tap on Saturday, especially with lots of points on offer for the season long CRCA Awards. Here is what Road Results has to say:


After a great deal of success at the 2017 Central Park open races with multiple wins, Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team is coming back and is predicted to go 1-2 on Saturday, followed up by Emily Spence who had an impressive race earlier this season at Orchard Beach. Beyond that are a wealth of CRCA Women including Lisa Vandivort, Boyd Cup leader Kristen Faulkner and Michelle Rorke.

  1. Colleen Gulick, Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team
  2. Alijah Beatty, Pickle Juice Pro Cycling Team
  3. Emily Spence, Mellow Mushroom
  4. Lisa Vandivort, CRCA/CityMD Racing
  5. Kristen Faulkner, CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing

Men P/1/2

The Men's P/1/2 field is guaranteed to have an impact on the CRCA Jim Boyd Cup standings where Allan Rego and Victor Gras will be looking to score important points, especially with Stalin Quiterio missing from the registration for Saturday. But it is a former-CRCA member expected to take the win on Saturday.

  1. Rafael Adolfo German Meran, EDA / Evolution Cycling Team
  2. Scott Savory, CRCA/Jamison Capital - Cannondale
  3. Victor Gras, CRCA/Rockstar Games
  4. Allan Rego, CRCA/Jamison Capital - Cannondale
  5. Edwin Morel, CRCA/Team Talent Cycles

Men 3

The M3 field for Mengoni will be a smaller affair than at the recent Dave Jordan Central Park Classic though the competition promises to be just as heated with most teams bringing smaller rosters out to race. Similar to the P/1/2 Men the Road Results Predictor has a non-CRCA member slotted in as the most likely winner. Shout out to one of our favorite local bloggers and event-MC's, Dan Schmalz for rounding out the top 5 in the predictions. 

  1. jeremy borden, Attaquer
  2. Emmett Gross, CRCA/RBNY
  3. Erwin Kersten, CRCA/To Be Determined
  4. Chris Williams, CRCA/Houlihan Lokey
  5. Daniel Schmalz, CRCA/Rockstar Games

Men 4

In the Men 4 field Romain Leidelinger will be looking to score points and move into the lead of the season long CRCA B-Field competition but there are a whole series of CRCA racers that are predicted to finish in the Top 5.

  1. Filipe Guth, Verrazano Team Racing
  2. Romain LEIDELINGER, CRCA/Rapha Cycling Club
  3. John McAllister, CRCA / Danny's Cycles
  4. Brian Mariscal, CRCA/NYCC Racing p/b BGC Partners
  5. Taylor Graham, CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing

Men 5

In the Men 5 field the accuracy of the Road Results Race Predictor starts faltering due to limited race history, but it seems there are a plethora of non-CRCA members that should be in the mix tomorrow. Hopefully some of them will also convert into future CRCA members!

  1. joshua Wilson
  2. Preston Staudt, CRCA/e2Value p/b Verge Sport
  3. Tim Frankcombe, Rapha Cycling Club
  4. Matthew Connelly, NYCC
  5. Neil Black, Hall and Oates Racing

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