New CRCA Club Champions and Series Standings

With some out of town conflicts and rain, this past Sunday's turnout for the Lou Maltese Club Championships was relatively light but the racing was just as exciting. Our new reigning CRCA Club champions are: 

A Field: Joshua Noggle of RBNY Racing-Verge Sport
W Field: Lucia Deng of CityMD Racing
M40+: Justin Inglis of Talent Cycles
M50+: Michael Sambrano of GF Capital/H&E Enterprises

Congrats to our 2018 Champs! 

The last opportunity for DOUBLE CRCA Club Series points is coming up this Sunday, July 29th at the CRCA Tour de Fort Lee Criterium (an open race). Registration closes Wednesday at 5pm - don't miss out!

Full standings are always available here: Results & Standings while the rules for the various competitions are available here: CRCA Awards. And if you want to participate in any of these competitions make sure to Join CRCA!


In the Men's Jim Boyd Cup competition leader Allan Rego missed the break but still retains a commanding lead, while Vic Gras earned a couple of points in the field sprint to move into second place. There are still plenty of points on offer for the rest of the season so anything can yet happen in this series

  1. Allan Rego - 74
  2. Victor Gras - 55
  3. Scott Savory - 54

On the Women's side, Kristin's absence meant that Erica & Sarah inched a little bit closer to her lead, though the order of the top 3 still remains the same.  However, with Lucia earning 20 points from her win, she is now sitting in 4th just ahead of Fabienne and Lisa VdV. The Elite Women's Boyd Competition still can be anyone's trophy to win with Ft. Lee and a handful of Club Series races left in the season!

  1. Kristin Faulkner - 76
  2. Erica Adelberg - 60
  3. Sarah Sjoman - 50


While Jamison Capital failing to score any points in the Club Championships, Foundation and Rockstar Games took advantage and bolstered their points totals to close the gap some more to Jamison's lead. 

  1. Jamison Capital - 144
  2. Foundation - 133
  3. Rockstar Games - 97

On the women's side Dave Jordan Racing scored just 2 points, allowing Radical Media and CityMD to inch closer, though the point differentials remain quite significant.

  1. Dave Jordan Racing - 140
  2. Radical Media - 122
  3. CityMD Women's Racing - 108


Romain Leidelinger and Conor Delanbanque still remain at the top of the B-Field Series Leader competition, but we have a new 3rd place racer in Dieter Egli. 

  1. Romain Leidelinger - 60
  2. Conor Delanbanque - 57
  3. Dieter Egli - 40

With Good Guys Racing transitioning many of their squad to the A field and NYCC Racing dominating last weekend's race by sweeping the podium, they solidified themselves as the new leader in the B-Field Team Competition. Rapha did not score points this past weekend and remains on the third step of the podium. 

  1. NYCC Racing - 153
  2. Good Guys Racing - 118
  3. Rapha Cycling Club - 85


The Masters Series Leader competition has been a close fight between Constantin Schreiber and Michael Sambrano through most of the year and with back to back second place finishes the last couple of races, Michael remains the leader in the competition. Also, with his win last weekend, Justin Inglis now takes 3rd in the leaderboard.

  1. Michael Sambrano - 59
  2. Constantin Schreiber - 40
  3. Justin Inglis - 29