May 13 Update of CRCA Series Standings

After traveling to new and beautiful places for crits and road races the past two weeks, we’re back this weekend in Central Park with another CRCA Club Race. And that means it’s time to update our Series standings and see how things have changed!

Full standings are always available here: Results & Standings while the rules for the various competitions are available here: CRCA Awards. And if you want to participate in any of these competitions make sure to Join CRCA! We’d love to see new faces and welcome them to the wonderful world of racing bikes.

CRCA Jim Boyd Cup

Stephanie remains our leader in the Women’s competition. As predicted, 2nd and 3rd place have seen some significant turnover, with new contenders now neck-and-neck for silver.

  1. Stephanie Halamek - 68

  2. Merissa Molinar - 25

  3. Emma Betuel - 24

Stalin remains in the lead for the Men’s race but Ralph and Michael are closing the gap as the season continues.

  1. Stalin Quiterio - 37

  2. Ralph Pahlmeyer - 32

  3. Michael Margarite - 30

CRCA Team Cup

CityMD Racing holds onto the lead for the Women’s Team Cup. Dave Jordan Racing has displaced Radical Media, but points are close here.

  1. CityMD Racing - 100

  2. Dave Jordan Racing - 46

  3. Radical Media - 44

Foundation has a significant lead in the Men’s Team Cup, with 2nd and 3rd place being a much closer race among the rest of the teams.

  1. Foundation - 95

  2. Jamison-Cannondale - 53

  3. Dave Jordan Racing - 48

Masters Series

The Master’s Series again remains unchanged.


  1. Jerry Kapko - 40

  2. Michael Sambrano - 28

  3. Matthew Slossberg - 10


  1. Deno's WonderWheel - 40

  2. GF Capital/ H&E Ent - 32

  3. The Weather Channel Specialized - 14

B-Field Competitions

Bastian and Cormac are still tied in first place for the B-Field individual competition and Chris has joined their ranks. Let’s see how many people we can get in this first place tie! Note: These standings do not include Bear Mountain.

  1. Bastian Rose, Cormac Daly, Chris Altchek - 30

  2. Brian Hunt - 21

  3. Vincent Rhino - 17

E2Value remains in first place for the B-Field team competition with a healthy points lead.

  1. E2Value p/b Verge Sport - 57

  2. Foundation - 50

  3. GF Capital/H&E Enterprise - 37