May 24 Update of the CRCA Series Standings

It’s time to update our Series standings to see where our racers and teams are placed before heading into the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic next weekend. We’ve also added in the standings for the Women’s Dev series.

Full standings are always available here: Results & Standings while the rules for the various competitions are available here: CRCA Awards. And if you want to participate in any of these competitions make sure to Join CRCA! We’d love to see new faces and welcome them to the wonderful world of racing bikes.

CRCA Jim Boyd Cup

Stephanie remains our leader in the Women’s competition. Merissa has picked up a few more points as well, helping her secure her second place standing.

  1. Stephanie Halamek - 68

  2. Merissa Molinar - 32

  3. Erica Adelberg - 28

Stalin remains in the lead for the Men’s race, with Ralph continuing to close the gap.

  1. Stalin Quiterio - 44

  2. Ralph Pahlmeyer - 42

  3. Michael Margarite - 33

CRCA Team Cup

Placements haven’t changed for the team cup for this update, but Dave Jordan Racing and Radical Media both picked up more points.

  1. CityMD Racing - 100

  2. Dave Jordan Racing - 57

  3. Radical Media - 49

Standings remain the same for the Men’s teams, as well, with everyone scoring points during the past few races.

  1. Foundation - 105

  2. Jamison-Cannondale - 60

  3. Dave Jordan Racing - 55

Masters Series

Stephen Jamison has taken over third place in the Masters Series individual competition and Rockstar Games has climbed into third for the team placement.


  1. Jerry Kapko - 56

  2. Michael Sambrano - 35

  3. Stephen Jamison - 20


  1. Deno's WonderWheel - 62

  2. GF Capital/ H&E Ent - 41

  3. Rockstar Games - 22

B-Field Competitions

Chris has taken the lead in the B-Field - but these standings are changing every race, so watch this space.

  1. Chris Altchek - 32

  2. Bastian Rose, Cormac Daly - 30

  3. Justin Parker - 22

Foundation has taken the lead in the B-Field team standings, with Rapha taking over third place as E2Vale and GF Capital vie for second.

  1. Foundation - 60

  2. E2Value p/b Verge Sport, GF Capital/H&E Enterprise - 57

  3. Rapha Cycling Club - 43

Women’s Development Series

Carolina has taken over first place in the Women’s Dev Series.

  1. Carolina Rabbat - 44

  2. Tiffany Thomas - 36

  3. Kendall Poe - 25