CRCA Board Meeting Agenda – July 2019

The all-volunteer CRCA Board is hosting its July board meeting on Monday, July 1st via teleconference. The preliminary agenda is included below. If you would like to offer your thoughts on any of these agenda items please send an email to or any CRCA Board member ahead of the meeting.

CRCA Board Meeting Agenda, July 2019

  • Officer Reports:

    • Treasurer (Mitchell)

      • Current state of affairs: 

      • Future Costs: 9k club racing (6 remaining races)

      • 1099 Tax Forms

      • 501(c)3 Filing

      • Sub-Function Budgets

        • Open Racing

        • Club Racing

        • Coaching

        • Operating Costs

      • Sponsorship

      • NYSBRA Grants

        • GT: Received

        • OB: Received

        • Bear: Received

        • DJC:

        • LMM:

        • Mengoni:

        • Other?

      • Receipts Process

      • Primal

      • Post open racing season plan

    • Club Racing (Kevin)

      • Whistles

      • Moto issues

      • Payee for running club races for remainder of season

Board meeting minutes will be distributed following the meeting. All Board Meeting related announcements are available under the "Meeting" Category of