CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (February 2019)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held two meetings in February: the first a regularly scheduled monthly board meeting February 12 and the second, a pre-season check in call on February 25. Minutes from both meetings, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Clay Jones, Secretary, or any CRCA Board Member.

FEB: Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 6:30PM-10PM

Phone Meeting

Attendance: Ken, Lucia, Sean, Matt, Liz, Jeff, Randy, Kevin, Dan

January minutes: Approved


  • Conflict disclosure

    • All members need to submit signed conflict disclosure and send to Dan/upload to Drive

    • Motion to adopt tabled until next meeting

  • Anti-harassment/discrimation statement

    • Consider adopting something formally. Maybe add to code of conduct content

    • Lucia to draft language

  • GoogleDrive/crca Acct

    • Try to ensure everyone uses Board account when accessing CRCA docs

Open Racing

  • Grant’s

    • Reg started strong, leveled off

    • Permit/paperwork - good shape

      • USAC done

      • Officials & Vendors set

      • Sound permit still in process

    • New finish line location established and noted in site map

    • Supply purchasing

      • Need sponsorship info this week

    • Towing

      • Need to assign duty


  • Randy looking at different segments that haven’t re-registered to identify ways to address them

  • Number pickup

    • Veselka 2/25

    • Brooklyn social 2/28

    • Manhattan social 3/5

    • Considering pickup at early open races

  • Randy processing waivers

  • Working on post-race social events

  • Once season is underway, want to start working on marketing club through other organizations


  • Scheduling pre-season Board call

  • Dan will be taking over posting agenda and minutes


  • Each Board member should review website pages that relate to their owned responsibilities


  • Considering redistributing marshals to make sure we have coverage

  • Working on plan in the event Paulette is on vacation

FEB: Tuesday, February 25, 2019, 7PM-9PM

Phone Meeting

Attendance: Ken, Lucia, Matt, Kevin, Clay, Tara, Tony, Dan


  • Conflict of Interest disclosure

    • Tabled until after Grant’s Tomb

  • Statement of Inclusivity

    • Language approved for inclusion

    • Lucia to publish with note introducing

  • Field limits

    • Ran into problems with certain clubs’ Cat 5 riders upgrading to 4, but then those clubs had to regularly “bench” Cat 4 because they were over 9 racer cap

    • Proposing either increasing B field limit to 10 racers per team OR allowing Cat 4 to self select to race with 5s

    • Issues noted:

      • Upgrade points not available to a Cat 4 racing in 4/5

      • Teams have been dealing with cap rule for many years so this could be viewed as unfair to institute now

    • B & W fields approved to increase team rider limits to 10

      • Noted to review in a couple races

    • W fields

      • Normally open to all Categories, but may shift based on catergories for a given race

      • Consider devoting separate check in line

VP Racing

  • Waiting to hear back from some operational folks

  • Results process

    • Kevin to reach out to Tom to align

  • Lamp post (re)numbering

    • Kevin to check on this. Julius had mentioned trouble assigning correct position based on current identifying info

  • Race info

    • Plan to draft copy for review by EOD Wednesdays before races. Finalize and publish before Newsletter goes out 12pm Thursdays

  • Post race summary

  • Results weekly

  • Series standing update occasionally

  • Plan to get live Monday morning

Open Racing

  • Need to identify club series championship race

    • Either pick an existing park race, or look at Bear or Orchard

    • August 3rd selected

  • Grant’s

    • W field very low on reg

    • Will reach out to other local clubs to see what it would take to attract more racers


  • Accrued 90% of membership budget we have in place

  • Donors. Trending right behind where we were  last year

  • Membership up to 516

  • Targeting break even, though may lose a little money this year

  • Supplies

    • Grant’s list being finalized tomorrow


  • Reminder email going out tomorrow for Saturday’s race

  • Working on backup plan for when Paulette is on vacation

  • Tony to review recent documentation against our plan and note any discrepencies

Rider Dev

  • There are women’s dev supplies in trailer

  • Bikereg up for women’s dev

  • Calendar items difficult to click on from mobile

    • Seems to be iPhone-specific

    • Matt to look into widget

  • Tara to ride at back of field to help with neutralization and rider “coaching”/support/questions for those toward the back


  • Jamison on board for Bear sponsorship

  • Lucarelli & Castaldi KOM

  • Still working on Specialized for Women’s Dev

  • Orchard Beach - Blue Ribbon

Bear Mt non-race event

  • Will work on feasibility after Grant’s

  • James from NYCC expressed interest


  • Grant’s

    • Need to know who’s doing reg & binders for Grant’s

    • Will work on social media responsibilities next week


  • Next in-person

    • Go through content calendar to assign roles/responsibilities

  • Long-term

    • FAQ. Writing up and plan to circulate

      • E.g., marshaling details, registration, number pickup, etc


  • Sending out Doodle for March Board meeting, looking at weeks of 3/18 & 3/25