CRCA Board Meeting Minutes (March 2019)

The all-volunteer CRCA Board held the March Board Meeting Thursday, March 21st. Minutes from that meeting, in draft form pending ratification by the full Board as part of the next meeting, follow below. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting minutes please reach out to Dan Goldberg (Secretary), or any CRCA Board Member.

MAR: Thursday, March 21, 2019, 7 PM - 9 PM


In-person: Dan, Kevin, Lucia, Randy, Tara

Phone: Clay, Ken, Jeff, Matt, Sean, Tony

February minutes: Approved


  • Neil Weissman advocating for GWB bike path. We’ll share info on his behalf for ways members can voice their support in advance of upcoming vote

  • Lucia & Randy met with new USAC President

    • Good, open conversation. Sounds like he wants input from folks on the ground on ways to improve.

    • Acknowledged need to find sponsors to help provide additional resources for members

    • Focused on customer service, but aware currently not offering value for non-racing cyclists

  • Thinking about a beginner guide in Spanish to help those with limited English get started, and associated opportunities to facilitate

Club Racing

  • Club race 1 set for Saturday: CPMU, Sergio doing Safety

  • Working on L&C backdrop to continue promoting sponsorship

    • May not have by 1st race, but should have by 2nd

  • Equipment trailer

    • Paulette noted trailer was a mess after open racing. Need to find a way to set process so things are returned to appropriate locations/in right order

      • Kevin to ask Paulette for her input here re: issues and basic instructions for repacking trailer

Open Racing

  • Need to get cash from sponsors

  • Matt and Liz will not run Grant’s next year so if we need to transfer any knowledge, reach out

  • Orchard Beach

    • Need to collect cash from Blue Ribbon

    • Registration trickling in

    • Need comms to announce and publicize

    • Still need formal approval to host, longer schedule, and road repairs

  • Bear Mountain

    • Jeff in talks with Jamison

    • Camping & food. Need decision by next week at latest.

      • Paperwork due April 11

    • Randy working on food/food truck options as well as potential beer sponsors. Planning to have info by Monday

      • Need alcohol permit: ~$100

    • Camping

      • Even if we don’t formalize an event, still find a way to make camping feasible for those who want to stay on their own

      • No parking at campsite

      • Matt to ask Tracy re: what options are for overnight parking

    • Once we know what our options are for food & camping, then reach out to NYCC re: luggage shuttle options

  • Dave Jordan

    • Submitted on BikeReg

    • USAC permit by April 1 to avoid late fees if possible

    • In-conversation with Jordan family

  • Junior fields

    • Reduced fees 95%

  • Remaining race directors needed for CP races

    • Reach out to membership base

    • Clay to put comms out for call

    • Pre-req would be supporting at other open races with experienced individuals

  • Marketing around Bear, Orchard, and Jordan

    • Can look at other members that are willing to post on social

    • Teasers around events, people callouts/intros

    • Someone needs to do technical guides, KOMs announcements, and other tasks as well


  • Approved donation to Central Park Conservancy


  • Announcement went out for upcoming races, and no major issues so far

  • Tony provided Paulette list of marshals that should be there

  • Still planning to look at automating check-in (pending workload)

Rider Development

  • Hunter Allen at Rapha on Monday at 7pm

    • Need social/comms support

    • Need some money to provide food

  • April race clinic (men and women)

    • On BikeReg

    • Should socialize with comms support

    • Look at other groups to cross-promote

    • Lucia to post on NYCC

  • Women’s dev

    • For 2020, look at additional cash sponsor options

    • Continue partnering with women-owned organizations & those that promote women’s cycling

    • Machines for Freedom designing leader jersey


  • Need to collect from Roka & Yaakov Morganstern

  • Working on PB sponsors for a couple upcoming races


  • Website edits complete for about teams

    • Consider adding sponsor names in team info

  • Bear Mountain

    • Foundation doing all team duties for race

    • Feed zone. 1 zone for all 3 waves. Need 4 people to staff feed zone (12 total)

  • E2Value now has 2 teams. 1 local, non-CRCA & 1 CRCA

    • Because set up as 2 separate teams under USAC, not out of CRCA compliance

  • Follow up convo re: membership structure and value add to members to attract new members

    • Considerations around teams splitting off into 2 teams


  • Trailing 2018 numbers by 55 members as of now

  • Budget looks good, but lacking numbers to fill out all marshaling needs

  • Randy has been personally emailing a number of people who didn’t renew from last year

  • Randy to start working on next social events


  • Work on checklists needed for each facet that needs support

  • Look at opportunities to delegate straightforward tasks, while retaining more technical aspects within board

  • Clay will be looking at timing of posts on social to see what/when performs best & opportunities to promote other aspects of club

  • Thinking around hyping up leader jersey/transfers to keep positive but encourage competitiveness

  • More post-race reporting around Boyd Cup

  • Need to understand comms needs across Open, Club, and Women’s Dev and then synchronize

  • Lucia to share flyer templates