Update your USAC Club Settings


We've noticed that many of our USAC club settings were reset when they renewed in 2019. In order to be eligible to pick up your number and to race, your license club must be set to Century Road Club Assoc.

So, everyone, please do these steps ASAP:

  1. Go to the license page in your USAC (not CRCA) account.

    Check to be sure your road club/team is set to "Century Road Club Assoc". Your subteam would be listed after – example: "Century Road Club Assoc/Foundation"

    If it has Century Road Club Assoc and your sub team, then, you’re done!

  2. If it doesn’t look right, open the menu on the top right corner of your license, and…

  3. Select Edit Club

    From here, you will be able to find "Century Road Club Assoc". (If you are on a sub team, finish the above and then pick "Edit Team". Your sub-team will be listed there.)


Once you have made these changes, your CRCA records will be updated within a day. If you're not sure or if it is close to race morning, feel free to check in with the Membership Director at membership@crca.net.