Announcing New CRCA Board Members

The CRCA Board is very excited to announce we’ve appointed Elizabeth Tobey (CRCA/KruisCx) to the role of Communications Director and Mitchell Napolitano (CRCA/Team to the role of Treasurer, effective immediately.

Both Elizabeth and Mitchell are already in active transition into their new roles and bring fresh perspective, great ideas, and enthusiasm to the Board. Elizabeth is an experienced marketing, communications/PR, and community building professional. She is really excited to use her expertise to propel CRCA’s mission to put on great bike racing and develop our community of racers with a robust communications strategy. Mitchell brings a background in technology management in the financial services sector and former volunteer treasurer experience to the table. He is looking to continue the trend of financial stability that Ken has built over the years, as well as look for ways to use his position to further support the future of the sport.

Please join us in welcoming our new Board Members when you next see them toeing the start line!