Lucarelli & Castaldi Club Race #7 Results

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Thanks to those who joined us for the club race this holiday weekend.

Summary results are included below. Full results will soon be available on If you are have questions about your result, please use the form linked below and we will review your inquiry ASAP. Thank you to all of our racers that participated and a special thank you to Lucarelli & Castaldi for their support of the CRCA Club Series.

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The CRCA Results and Standings will be updated shortly including the latest Jim Boyd and Team Cup standings.



  1. Sarah Sauvayre - Team Veselka

  2. Lucie Vagnerova - Team Veselka

  3. Shara Arnofsky - Dave Jordan Racing


  1. Kevin Molloy - Benzel Busch Specialized Cycling

  2. Mike Sambrano - GF Capital

  3. David Taylor - NY Vision/Fluoriclasse


  1. Conor Delanbanque - Good Guys Racing

  2. Baris Aytan - Foundation

  3. Stalin Quiterio - Dave Jordan Racing


  1. Sam Jorgenson - 42x21ATQ

  2. Gabriele Carpentier - NYCC Racing

  3. Euan Stevenson - 42x21ATQ


  1. Yelson Almonte

  2. Juan Restrepo - Houlihan Lokey

  3. Bib #900 - please fill out the form above


After speaking with the CRCA Board, our USAC official, and Tom Mains, our results provider, we decided that the official lap count for today's race will be 8 despite what was communicated at the official's table this morning. We believe this is the most fair decision because all riders involved had complete information that there was a sprint at the end of Lap 8 and we can assume that all riders were committed to contest the sprint on Lap 8. On the other hand, some riders may have had incomplete information on Lap 9 and made different tactical decisions based off of that incomplete information.

Apologies on the miscommunication as we did not have one of the riders present to dispute the decision when it was made. Points results are attached to reflect the final decision.