CRCA Battenkill PODIUMS!

Your fellow CRCA members swarmed the podiums across many fields at Battenkill this weekend, gulped down gallons of chocolate milk and took home a ton of hardware.  Here's a quick look back and a shout out to those who earned their place on the top steps.  Chapeau! 1st - Men 2: Evan Murphy, Foundation

1st - Men 3A: Chris Strumolo, Dave Jordan Racing

1st - Men 3B: Jesse Walker, Setanta

1st - Men 5F: Jovica Iveticsiggi's/NYVelocity

1st - Men 5K: Alexis Kraft, siggi's/NYVelocity

2nd - Women 3/4: Danielle KoseckiAsphalt Green Cycling Team

2nd - Women 4A: Jessica Meany, Stan's No Tubes p/b Endurance Werx

2nd - Women 4B: Lucia Matioli, Rockstar Games/Signature Cycles

2nd - Men 4A: Noah GellnerFoundation

2nd - Men 4D: Ethan Pond, CycleLifeUSA/GF Capital

2nd - Men 5F: Regis Dupontsiggi's/NYVelocity

3rd - Women 3/4: Aimee LaytonAsphalt Green Cycling Team

3rd - Women 4B: Maria RosenfeldDave Jordan Racing

3rd - Men 4A: Steve Kang, Breakaway Courier

3rd - Men 4C: Armand Wilhelmsiggi's/NYVelocity

3rd - Men 5A: Chris Pino, W&D Racing/NYC Velo

3rd - Men 30+: Frederick Dreier, Finkraft

EMurphy BKill

LMatioli MRosenberg BKill


Jesse Walker - 1st

JMeany BKill

AKraft BKill

NGellner SKang BKill

Daniell Kosecki - 2nd & Aimee Layton - 3rd

Jovica Ivetic - 1st & Regis Dupont - 2nd

Armand Wilhelm - 3rd

Ethan Pond - 2nd

In addition to crowding the podium, CRCA members filled out top 10s in almost every field.  There are just too many to list, but check them out for yourself: full results from Day 1 and Day 2.  Send us your podium photos!