CRCA Rider Education Clinic

Image from Strategy & Tactics for Cyclists eBook, copyright Arnie Baker, MD, 1998-2013. Used by permission.

Attention CRCA Category 4 Women and Category 5 Men racers:

The CRCA Coaching program has again arranged for a Rider Education Clinic that satisfies USAC/NYSBRA criteria for a 4 hour course.  Upon completion of the Rider Education Clinic, participants will qualify for 2 upgrade races for Cat 5 Men and and 2 upgrade points for Cat 4 Women.  NYSBRA rules regarding Rider Education Clinics and upgrading here.

In order to qualify for the upgrade races/points, participants must:

  1. Attend a designated CRCA lecture; and
  2. Attend three (3) CRCA coaching sessions.

The 2 hour lecture part of this course will be presented @ Asphalt Green on scheduled Saturdays from 11 AM to 1 PM (see CRCA Calendar).

By attending the lecture and coaching sessions, racers will receive excellent on-the-bike skills and/or fitness instruction and guidance from CRCA’s experienced and USAC certified coaches in addition to a detailed lecture on the intricate interplay between fitness and tactical choices, decisions, and execution.

We hope our Cat 5 Men and Cat 4 Women take advantage of this offer. Check the CRCA Calendar for updated dates and times.