CRCA/FGX on Winning Bethel M3/4 Individual and Team Competitions

Team with Aki Sato, promoter of Bethel Spring Series Stefan Singer of team CRCA / FGX Racing won the overall series on April 21st in the Men's Category 3-4 race at the Bethel Spring Series in Bethel, Connecticut.

In the last race of the series, Singer came in second place in a sprint finish after completing 30 laps around the course, but had enough series points over Bethel Cycle Sport Club’s Ian Whaley to take the GC leader's jersey.  Singer was tied for 2nd place in the series going into the race, and the yellow jersey could have gone to any of the top three riders. The team’s strategy was to make sure there were no breaks, so Singer could sprint at the end and finish in the top three.

The large turnout of the team – FGX fielded 12 riders – no doubt worked to Singer’s advantage. Ira Blumberg, Andy Newsom, Brian Milligan, Mike Anderson, Etsu Taniguchi, Mike Beckerman, Tim Stenovec and Brad Stratton were just a few of the team members to chase down breaks, while Tim Voake, Josh Grossman and Lenny Galati stayed close to Singer so he could save all his energy for the sprint finish.

Other members of FGX -- Alexei Zakharov, Chris Shaw, Harry Zernike, Mike Kuehn and Eric McLaughlin -- were integral in supporting Singer in other races in the series.

"This is my seventh year running a racing team, and my favorite moments are when the team comes together in pursuit of a common goal,” said Etsu Taniguchi, Director of CRCA / FGX Racing. “We all have full-time jobs, and with family commitments and different fitness levels, it's sometimes challenging to establish team camaraderie during a race. However, when these elements come together, it leads to wonderful experiences.” “It's not just at races but how we interact on and off our bikes,” Taniguchi added. “In a sense, winning is not that important to me. Yes, I’m super excited about this result, but I am more proud and grateful to the many teammates who committed to the series and allowed me be a part of this great experience."

FGX also took first overall in the Men's Category 3-4 field, besting Bethel Cycles and CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O for the series team win. It was the third consecutive year that a member of FGX won the overall series at Bethel, and the second year that FGX won the team competition.

FGX Racing is looking forward to building on this early success as we enter the heart of the 2013 racing season.  Taniguchi and the team would like to thank race promoter (and fellow racer!) Aki Sato, for putting on the series as well as Outdoor Sports Center for their generous support throughout the series. The team would also like to thank FGX, Veselka, Techneto IT Solutions, Eddystone Capital, Schwalbe, Sid’s Bikes, 9W Magazine and for their generous support.

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Individual and Team Win