Dave Jordan/White Plains Crit Omnium Details

Next weekend, in addition to crazy prize money totaling $12,500 at the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic, we will be running an Omnium with the White Plains Criterium. Details on eligibility and scoring can be found below. Eligibility:

DJC       WPC
M4          M4
M3          M3/4 (Mens 3 only @ WPC)
M1/2       M123 (Mens 1/2 only @ WPC)
W1234   W123 (Womens 123 @ DJC)
W1234   W4    (Women’s 4 only @ DJC)
Racers MUST compete in both races to be eligible for prizes in the Omnium. Points will go 15 deep.


Elite Men: $500 3 places
Elite Women: $500 3 places
M3: $250 3 places
M4: $250 3 places
W4: $250 3 places
Sign up for Dave Jordan: Dave Jordan on BikeReg
Sign up for White Plains: White Plains Crit on BikeReg