New Directors Join CRCA Jr Development Team

Ariel with Team at DJ Classic Memorial Race The CRCA Junior Development Team is proud to announce two new Directors to its program: Team Director, Ariel Mendez Peñate and Director of Performance, Allan Rego. Ariel will be replacing Ken Harris, who has graciously served as Team Director for the past 5 years, and will look to build on the successful program already in place.

Currently Ariel is a member of the Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes elite team and brings a vast amount of racing experience to the position. Ariel also brings 4 years of high school teaching experience to the program. “I look forward to working with high school kids again. They have great energy and enthusiasm so it’s awesome to see them take an interest in cycling,” said Ariel. “Cycling has been a huge part of my life and I think most can attest to the discipline and work ethic that the sport fosters. For [bike racing] in the US to grow, the cycling community has to invest in the younger generations and make sure they are led on a path to success.” Ariel will oversee the day to day management of the riders and also be present at select junior races to coach the team. He will ensure that both new and returning riders are given the support necessary to perform at their best.

Allan Rego will take the role of Director of Performance. He will be tasked with leading rides and teaching skills clinics for the team. Allan is also a member of the Champion System p/b Stan's NoTubes elite team and is a Level 2 USA Cycling coach. Allan also has 3 years of high school teaching experience and currently works as a coach and fit specialist at EnduranceWerx in Manhattan. “As the team grows I think it's important to make sure the riders have the skills necessary to compete at any level,” explained Allan. “Cycling is an exciting but potentially dangerous sport - I want to make sure that our riders become confident in their handling skills and learn their limits.” Allan will also provide coaching plans for the riders to ensure that they are physically prepared for the demands of racing.

Allan Rego at 2013 Red Hook Crit Photo by FRANÇOIS LEBEAU

After 5 years of dedicated service Ken Harris is leaving his lead role on the Junior Development Team. He will remain as a Board Member and mentor to Ariel and Allan as they take on their new responsibilities. With both work and personal commitments taking more of his time, Ken felt that it would benefit the team to find a replacement. Having been teammates on Jonathan Adler Racing, Ken and Ariel have a rapport and are looking forward to working together. “Ken is a legend in New York City cycling,” Ariel said.  “Watching him race was a great learning experience for me. And as anyone who's talked with him knows, he has an enormous amount of knowledge about the sport.”

Ken Harris with the Team in 2012

The team is gearing up for a strong summer campaign. The wide range of experience and age on the team makes for a great mix of goals for the program. Two of the most experienced members, Sam Morkal-Williams and Sammy Moseley will be traveling to Madison Wisconsin for the USA Cycling Junior National Championships and both will also be racing the Tour de l'Abitibi in Canada. For Andreas Katehis, upgrading to category 3 on both road and track will be the focus of the summer. Other team members will enter into their first races and try to learn the in's and out's of road and track racing. The CRCA Junior Development Team would like to thank all of its sponsors and benefactors.  To find out how to get involved with the program please email Ariel at or for more information.

The CRCA Junior Development Program is funded by the Century Road Club Development Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity as of 2012.  Currently, the Junior Development Team is the only program funded by the Foundation, which receives donations from the cycling community and beyond.  "Now that we have developed a path to allow supporters to donate to the program, we hope to raise the additional funds needed to grow and sustain this program," said David Greenberg, President of the Foundation.  "Increasing junior involvement in our sport is the long term goal and we are well on our way with the establishment of this enhanced Junior Development Team program."

How can you support these dedicated up-and-coming athletes?

To make a tax-deductible donation in support of the CRCA Junior Development Team through the CRC Development Foundation, please log in via Member Log-in on the CRCA homepage, and click on "Make a Donation" in the Member Links drop down menu. You can also purchase a raffle ticket for a Montecci Folding Bike via bikereg (raffle taking place at the CRCA Lou Maltese Memorial Race on July 21), which proceeds will go toward the Jr Development Team.  Contact for other ways to offer support.  Also, like us on Facebook to stay up to date on the Team’s racing news.

Post-race coaching

Team @ Trooper Brinkerhoff. Members l to r: Sammy Moseley, Sam Morkal-Williams, and Andrej Vogel