New Team Limits Announced for 2013 Racing Season

The CRCA board decided at its July (15) Board meeting to institute new limits on how many riders per sub-team may ride in each field. The limits for 2013 are as follows:
A Field:   8 (down from 9; and with a preliminary view to reduce to 7 in 2014)
B Field: 10 (down from 12; and with a preliminary view to reduce to 9 in 2014)
W Field: Introducing a team limit of 10 in 2013 for the first time (with a preliminary view to reduce to 9 in 2014)
The Board believes this will improve the quality of the race experience for the majority of our members and we have balanced this against the impact this might have on some of the larger teams on occasions during the season.
Important Note: CRCA sub-teams will not be allowed to field multiple "teams" in the same field to get around these limits. Only the number of riders indicated will be allowed from each CRCA sub-team for each field. Teams should make their current recruiting decisions accordingly.
Questions and Concerns: feel free to contact the club president, Rod Millott (president[at] or other board members with questions or concerns about this policy.