CRCA Club Series

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The CRCA Central Park Club Series spans twelve races from March until September in Central Park. These races provide some of the lowest cost racing anywhere in the country and are only open to CRCA Season Pass and Racing Members. If you would like to participate please consider joining CRCA.

Any inquiries regarding the CRCA Club Series may be directed to the Vice President of Racing.

2018 CRCA Club Series Dates and Fields

Additional information on the 2018 CRCA Central Park Series will be posted shortly. The planned dates for the Series are as follows:

  • Saturday, March 3
  • Saturday, March 24
  • Saturday, April 7
  • Saturday, April 21
  • Saturday, May 19
  • Sunday, June 17
  • Saturday, July 7
  • Sunday, July 15
  • Saturday, August 4
  • Saturday, August 18
  • Saturday, August 25
  • Saturday, September 1

Please review the CRCA Club Series Technical Guide prior to racing in Central Park.

Important information before you Race

Prior to racing in the CRCA Club Race Series, all members must:

  • Be a CRCA Racing, Season Pass, or Donor member (no exceptions!)
  • Have attended a New Members Skills session (for all new Cat 4&5 members)
  • Hold a current USAC Racing License
  • Have selected marshaling assignments (login to schedule your dates, and review Marshaling rules)
  • Be wearing a CRCA Club or CRCA sub-team jersey (exceptions granted for cold temperatures)
  • Be listed on the Club Roster posted ahead of each Club Race. See below for details. 

New to racing?  Check out USA Cycling's page for new racers - lots of useful information and easy to read!

CRCA Racing Members, Please Note:

  • It is vitally important that riders do not ride backwards on Park Drives and do not ride on walking paths before, during, or after races. Infractions are subject to automatic disqualification and suspension from the club.  Please review the Central Park Protocol in advance of the racing season.
  • 2018 registration and marshal check in will be at The Loeb Boathouse parking lot @ 72nd St and the East Drive, until the Rambles construction has been completed.
  • 2018 CLUB RACES require two numbers.  Please use both number issued, one on right and the other on back center.  
  • 2018 OPEN RACE numbers will be issued day of + we will provide instruction on placement.

Central Park CLub Series Rosters

Look for the Club Race Rosters to be posted on 2-3 days before the each Club race. If you are planning to race, please check the roster for your field:

  • Yellow = cannot race (skills session needed or member in bad standing) 
  • Purple = USAC series release not submitted 

A reminder that all USAC Releases collected at Club Races will count as USAC Event Releases.  If you would like to submit a USAC Series Release, please email to

Problems or questions with the race roster? Contact:

2018 CRCA Club Series Technical Guide

Special Thanks To:

  • All of our donor members
  • Central Park Conservancy
  • NYC Parks Department
  • Lucarelli & Castaldi


The CRCA Club Series is open to CRCA members ONLY. To participate you must join the club in advance and have a valid USAC license on record with the club prior to racing. 

Fields will on occasion be neutralized as part of passing situations. Follow the instructions of your moto driver at ALL times and NEVER pass your lead moto. Any violations are subject to immediate disqualification and potential suspension from the club.

Our relationship with the Central Park Conservancy and the NYC Parks Department is contingent upon following Park regulations.  There are many things you can do at our bike races, but please adhere to the below or you will be disqualified:

  • Ride on Central Park roads only - no walking paths, dirt paths, pedestrian paths
  • Ride in the direction of traffic only
  • Stay out of the recreation lane at all times
  • Engage in positive, productive behavior with other park users at all times before, during or after races

Our races are dependent upon membership involvement, specifically for marshalling.  If you are scheduled to marshal a race please know that we are depending upon you to be there!  We cannot start our races until all marshals are in place.


As mentioned, DO NOT ENTER THE REC LANE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. For safety reasons the rec lane is strictly off limits and infractions are subject to automatic disqualification and suspension from the club.

We use a variety of finish line locations throughout the year. Finish line locations are listed on the CRCA Race schedule and are labeled below.


Registration takes place at the Loeb Boathouse parking lot @ 72nd Street and East Drive.  It is VITALLY important that riders do not ride backwards on Park Drives and do not ride on walking paths before, during or after races. Infractions are subject to automatic disqualification and suspension from the club.


Marshals are required to be on site ONE HOUR prior to scheduled start - all marshals must be at their assigned post 15 minutes prior to the start of the race. IF MARSHALS ARRIVE LATE, OUR RACES WILL BE DELAYED AND LAP COUNTS SHORTENED.

Registration opens one hour prior to race start and closes 15 minutes prior to race start. While we do our best to process registration quickly, please make sure to allow sufficient time to register.  If you are late, you will not be allowed to race.

Results will be compiled in the Rambles Parking Lot following the conclusion of all racing - even if Registration is at the Boat House. As this is a friendly competition we will no longer be providing prize money after Club series racese.

We aim to post results on the CRCA website within 24 hours of the race, but exceptions may apply in certain circumstances. Club fields will go 10 deep, and only results ten deep maximum will be reported to USAC.  Because of this, Club Races posted to USAC will include only the total # of RESULTS per field, versus the total # of PARTICIPANTS per field.


There is no advance registration required for the A/B/C/W club fields, although donors are able to sign up the day before.  Race fees are below:

  • Season Pass members:  club races are included in membership

  • Racing members:  if this membership option is available in 2018, racing members will pay $10 per race

  • Associate members: not eligible for club race participation

Numbers and Number Pick-Up

If you did not pick up your race number in advance, it may be picked up on race morning, but please allow sufficient time to both collect your number and register for the race (two separate lines).

If you have your race number, please pin it in advance.  ALL CRCA RACES USE NUMBERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF JERSEY.

We are only using series waivers for ALL MEMBERS which must be submitted ELECTRONICALLY.  Due to resource allocation and manual overhead we will NOT be collecting waivers in person.  So - fill out one waiver for the whole season + submit via email, NO EXCEPTIONS!

All racers are required to wear either the CRCA Club Jersey (available for purchase via approved vendor) or an approved CRCA Subteam Jersey that features the CRCA logo. March races are the only exception - in March racers are allowed to wear non-branded jackets due to the cold temperatures. The CRCA Junior Development Jersey (the blue below) includes a $25 donation to CRCA Junior Development.