WE WANT YOU (for the 2018 CRCA Board)!

CRCA Members,

Now that the 2017 CRCA season is over, we are eagerly planning for 2018.

Nominations for the 2018 Board of CRCA are now open and they will remain open for 30 days through October 8. 

CRCA Board members play an integral role in the strategic direction of the Club by ensuring that the Club remains successful both financially and operationally.  Board members are tasked with identifying key priorities and making critical decisions affecting the Club's current and future trajectory. The occasional work-load is well worth the reward of seeing our product in "action" at Club and Open races and watching the NYC racing community continue to flourish.

Details are below:
- Each year all positions are open. Self-nominations are allowed.
- Board members are exempt from marshaling duties.
- Board members receive free season pass memberships.
- Board members receive team duty credit for their subteam.
- Description of Board roles + bylaws can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/CRCA-Bylaws (See second page).

If accepting a nomination or submitting a self-nomination, please submit a brief statement explaining your qualification, interest, and motivation for running to secretary@crca.net.

Feel free to reach out to any of our Board members to learn more about specific roles or experience - see link for contact information: http://www.crca.net/membership/#history

As a volunteer organization, the CRCA depends upon member contributions including serving on the Board.  Please consider nominating yourself or a fellow member to help the club move forward into 2018.

Thank you!
The 2017 CRCA Board