Nomination Window Open for 2019 CRCA Board of Directors

The nomination window is now open for the 2019 CRCA Board of Directors. The all-volunteer board serves a vital role in continuing CRCA’s more than century long legacy of cycling in New York City. This year’s nominations are particularly important as a number of Board Members who hold significant roles are not planning on returning in 2019.

Nominations may be submitted electronically to We will follow-up to request election statements once nominations are finalized. For more information on each of the roles on the CRCA Board see the bylaws or the more information descriptions below.

Nominations will be open for just over two weeks, closing at noon on Friday, November 9th. Elections will follow shortly thereafter.


Key responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain strategic partnerships and opportunities relevant to enhancing and growing CRCA membership

  • Work with Board members to insure CRCA products are delivered seamlessly and efficiently

  • Assist with prioritizing initiatives (strategic, operational + financial) and identifying risks

  • Ensure Board members are on track with deliverables and help to unblock as needed

2019 opportunities

VP of Rider Development

Key responsibilities

  • Organize and manage all coaching sessions and clinics, while coordinating with all CRCA coaches

  • Ensure compliance for all coaching activities with USAC guidelines, such as securing permits for all coaching session dates as well as filing post-event reports with USAC  

  • Manage the coaching calendar on the CRCA website was well as on our RSVP system, currently MindBody

  • Serve as the liaison between CRCA coaches and board of directors

  • Manage CRCA coaching budget

  • Create educational opportunities for members outside of traditional coaching sessions

  • Communicate/ promote coaching sessions to the membership

2019 opportunities

VP of Racing

Key responsibilities

  • Managing all CRCA Club Races throughout the course of the year and ensuring appropriate communications with members, board, and staff

  • Working with partners like NYCParks and Central Park Conservancy with city permits and making sure the event is within regulations. In addition, sending pre and post reports. Reports consist of attendance, incidents, results and among other information that must be shared to relevant parties.

  • Gathering the necessary operation staff: race director, chief referee, chief judge, registration, results team, team duty assignments when applicable, ambulance, equipment delivery, etc.

  • Inventory tracking such as whistles, cones, etc

2019 opportunities

  • Look at opportunities to delegate some of the more operational tasks, allowing the VP to focus on larger scale initiatives and priorities


Key responsibilities

  • Coordinate & schedule monthly Board meetings

  • Collate meeting agenda in advance of Board meetings

  • Maintain meeting minutes and share with Communication Director to disseminate to members

2019 opportunities

  • Ensure timeliness of scheduling to allow for calendar flexibility and posting of agendas in advance of meetings


Key responsibilities

  • Create/manage the budget/keep us within the budget

  • Manage our bank accounts and holdings

  • Work with our CPA and create an annual summary for taxes

  • Order supplies throughout the year typically through Amazon

  • Prepare open race payouts and expenses (usually on a spreadsheet)

  • Prepare the same for Club racing

  • Write/send checks

  • Advise and research options for best practices

  • Spend about 10 hours/month January-November

2019 opportunities

Communications Director

Key responsibilities

  • Posting regular articles/content on

  • Helping manage the club's social channels (Facebook/MailChimp/etc)

  • Excluding one time tasks around major website updates (e.g. uploading the race calendar at the start of the year) the time commitment is typically modest week to week (~1 hour per week) but it is a pretty consistent workload throughout the year

2019 opportunities

  • Sourcing content for the website can be the most time consuming task but continuing to encourage members to submit articles is a great opportunity for 2019

Public Relations Director

Key responsibilities

  • Recruiting, securing and working with sponsors

  • Recruiting and maintaining relationships with donor members

  • Managing CRCA charitable events and relationships

2019 opportunities

Membership Director

Key responsibilities

2019 opportunities

Marshal Director

Key responsibilities

  • Allotment and Delegation of Marshal Duty to club members to ensure Park and Rider safety during events.

  • Work with Paulette and her team to ensure day-of marshal sign-in/out and ensure minimums are met.

  • Pre-race Marshal Reminders and Post-race sign-off of met duty or notifications of suspension to missing marshals.

2019 opportunities

  • Work towards digital sign-in/out (speed up process and avoids issues with wet races)

  • Work on marshal date sign-up layout to ensure good marshal numbers for all races and hopefully increase end-of-year turnout.

Director of Teams

Key responsibilities

  • Representing, and serving as the liaison between, CRCA Subteams and the CRCA Board

  • Reviewing Subteam applications and updating team rosters in the CRCA database as the needs arise

  • Assigning team duties (this is the most time consuming part of the position and is front-loaded, i.e., needs to be completed within the first few months of the year) and continuing to follow up with teams throughout the year, as needed based on tasks

2019 Opportunities

Director of Open Racing

Key responsibilities

  • Deliver CRCA’s Open Race Series with tasks including:

  • Municipal and state permitting;

  • USAC race director accreditation;

  • Managing insurance coverage and providing required certificates of insurance;

  • Securing and working with vendors;

  • Establishing race schedules and field structures to maximize revenue and best serve the CRCA membership;

  • Working closely with CRCA Treasurer and Public Relations board members to manage budgets and secure sponsorship/funding

  • Working closely with CRCA Teams director to coordinate volunteer team duties at and in preparation for Open Races.

  • Workload is heavy in week(s) leading into Open Races, particularly non-Central Park Open Races, but otherwise is manageable consisting mostly of maintaining relationships both within CRCA and with involved parties i.e. NYSBRA, results services, moto officials, and sponsors.  Leadership and managerial skills required; event or race experience optional.

2019 Opportunities